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98 Responses to PEOPLE’S JOURNAL

  1. Rachel says:

    I would like to inquire if your company has an employee name Arjay Sta. Ana?

    Thank you.

  2. marsha says:

    Hi do you have an employee named King Fernandez and Augusto Villanueva who introduced themselves as from People’s Journal. Augusto Villanueva is claiming to be your editor in- chief which is so arrogant.

    • Goya says:

      What happen to your concern madam

    • Jelbert Almarez says:

      Omg Ms. Cherry Villanueva she sent an email to me and she embarrased me and accused me for Article 354 which is Libel. And Mr. Augusto Villanueva is the Editor in Chief. Im so emotional damages. I cant eat and sleep very well. Because of this wrong alligation to me. Please tell me if the two person i mention are currently work in People’s Journal

      • jennifer says:

        Hi, i have the same experience also Ms.Cherry sent me a violation of 354 which is oral defamation. when i dont even know about it. please help me with this because i dnt know who filed a case against me.

  3. Joyce says:

    I would like to inquire if you have an employee/writer known as mr. De Guzman with contact no. 294-7709.he said he is calling in behalf of people’s journal his concern is that he is holding a draft news that will be published in your paper. hoping for your response. thank you

    • marsha says:

      Ganyan din ang sinabi sa akin, when I inquired about the details of the case wala silang maibigay and he said that ibinigay na sa Legal Department nila, I said your legal has nothing to do with the publication if it is already paid by your client. Then that Augusto Villanueva went ballistic and begun threatening us.

    • Gina tan says:

      Same thing happened to me. Ano po nangyari na? Di ba harrassment ang ginagawa nila?

      • Ma Eloisa says:

        tumwag n ako sa sa peoples journal ngyn Scam daw un i report daw agad sa NBI ung ganun tapos twagan daw ung nag papa ngap n augutos villanueva sabhn daw n nag report n sa NBI

  4. FerderickeMortel says:

    Someone was called to us 434 1837 using the name of erick fajardo …he is calling in behalf daw ng people journal.. I would like to validate the info..if the person is connected

  5. Jaypee says:

    I would like to know if People’s Journal has an employee named Dennis Petalino, Senior Writer as he said a while ago. I just want to confirm if he’s existing in your company as he told me a draft news (paid news) that will be published soon on your news paper. Thank you and I’m hoping for your fast response!

  6. heart says:

    hi good day! can i ask if you have an employee name Richard cruz with tel # 294-77-09. I have received a call from them threatening me and using your company’s name. PEOPLES JOURNAL.Kindly reply since they are violating my human rights. Hope to get your prompt reply.

    • Jaelhenn says:

      Hi, I also received a call from that number. The name was John Carlos. Is he also an employee from Peoples Journal? He said they will publish bad reputation of our Company.

    • ma.eloisa says:

      that number said is Augustus Villanueva daw 2947709 and then that number sabi tawag daw ako sa isang attorney na ito ang number 4351721,nakatwag n ako sa peoples journal that nnumber ay Scam mga modus ng mga wlang mgawang sindikato kundi manira at manakot ng mga tao.

  7. Carol Tacadena says:

    Would just like to inquire if People’s Journal has employees named Ricky Mendoza of Verification Dept. and Augusto Villanueva I have received a call from them threatening me and using your company’s name. They are using this number : 433-8903. Kindly reply since they are violating my human rights. Hope to get your prompt reply.

    • marsha says:

      That Augusto Villanueva also threatened me and so arrogant. Please People’s Journal attend to these, this is something serious.

      • leiram says:

        Hi marsha. Someone just called me named mark lopez from l people’s journal but since i received a similar call a few months ago i know this fraudulent that i asked for his legal officer. He gave me agustus villanueva editor-in-chief of the said tabloid. But when i said this is fraud and that newspaper do not usually call the person to be published. He said they are just concern and would just proceed with the publication. I said go on.

    • Cel says:

      I also received a call just now from that number 433-8903, she said that she was PO2 Garcia of NCRPO Camp Bagong Diwa Taguig City, she was threatening me and said that I need to pay her for negotiation purposes. Since, personally I don’t have any debts from any form of money like credit cards or bank loans. I was so shocked and what I did was I called the said office and told me that they don’t have PO2 Garcia under their umbrella.

      But still, I felt shaken and it really made me stress this morning. Hope that the agency make an action with these insane people. Thank you.

  8. Iris Carpio-Duque says:

    how much is your rate to publish a notice of extrajudicial settlement of estate? your numbers listed here are not in service.

  9. jasmin calantog says:

    Hi.. Good day!!

    I just want to ask if PEOPLES JOURNAL have an employee named Mr. Alfred Cayabyab.. And what are your requirements about publishing a case about one person..

    Hoping for your response and assistance.

    Thank you.

  10. edward rainier mendoza says:

    Would like to ask regarding change of first name for NSO and the cost? Hoping for your kind response thanks.

  11. Elsie S. Serna says:

    I would like to inquire if your company has an employee name Richard Cruz Editor – in – Chief?

    Thank you.

    • PACS says:

      this is from Pasay Alliance Christian School, management our company cellphone number receive a text from your company that you have a negative ads about our company, first Ms. Maricel Avenido is no longer connected in our company since last year, and we dont know what she did. we are concern about our company. again Ms. Avenido is no longer connected with us. if you continue to publish our company we will file a case against your company too. thanks and God Bless.

  12. Joven P. says:

    I would like inquire if ur company peoples journal has an employee
    named Jahjah Cruz and Cris Icban under verification department. tel nos. 225-0961 / 09373701819

    Thanks you very much


  13. Jane M. Teruel says:


    This is to inquire if you have an employee by the name of Mr. Vincent Elarde under Publication Department? Our company sent a letter to People’s Journal last Friday (March 20, 2015).

    Thank you.

  14. Cherie C. says:

    I would just like to inquire if People’s Journal has an employee named Ricky Dela Cruz (Asst. Editor). We have just received a call from this said person using your company’s name. Kindly get back at us as we are also concerned that your name is being used by unscrupulous beings. Thanks

  15. Amor Garcia says:


    I would like to inquire on the bidding process for all returns, rejected/scrapped newspaper of your company.

    I am interested to bid.

    Thank You.