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  1. Rodolfo Kintanar says:

    What does number coding mean? What main roads are private vehicles on the number coding prohibited from using from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.?
    Example: a vehicle with plate number ending in #9?

    • Roger de Guzman
      January 18 at 7:41am
      Rogelio De Guzman
      Jan 16 (2 days ago)
      to Mel, aapanadero
      January 16, 2017

      Department of Interior and Local Government
      Attention: Mr. Mel Senen Sarmiento

      This is to bring to your attention the unjust sufferings of the residents of Pasig riding in four wheeled vehicles and / or motorists outside Pasig, when Pasig starts implementing a different odd-even plate coding scheme. The main reason for MMDA’s number coding in selected roads / avenues is to decongest the volume of traffic by passing through other roads of towns in Metro Manila. By this, a better economic condition can be attained through faster deliveries of goods and services…and this is the object of Duterte Administration.
      By way of implementing a different number coding scheme in addition to MMDA’s by Pasig Government, one can expect economic slowdown especially so when other towns start creating their own and separate traffic schemes. Does Pasig not aware that even in Congress our elected officials are breaking their heads with proposals to pass through private subdivisions and government owned properties? I believe, Pasig must always coordinate with the National Government when necessary.

      As my personal experience at Barangay Buting, Pasig there were about six (6 )Traffic enforcers at a given time stopping motorists the whole night and day despite smooth flow of traffic. Could it be called diligence or there is something especial on loaded trucks?…not to mention car drivers who are in a hurry or afraid to ask why? In one occasion at about 8pm the enforcers asked me to roll down the window but when saw me a 73 years old then I asked why? He said: check point lang po. Paki buksan ang ilaw. When asked his name he left but the other enforcer continued to explain on number coding of Pasig.

      May I ask your office that is it not a check point post has signage with a policeman?

      Lastly, If Pasig government has its own allowable right under the Constitution, as a citizen I suggest that residents of Pasig be issued windshield sticker to avoid being stopped countless time in a day to the detriment of passenger in emergency situation.
      Thank you and please reply.

      ROGELIO DE GUZMAN Copy: Metro Manila Development Authority

      Office of DILG Secretary Mel Sarmiento
      Jan 16 (2 days ago)

      to me
      Good day,

      This is to acknowledge receipt of your email.
      We will look into it and forward to appropriate departments.
      With thanks,

      Seen by 42
      1 Roberto Bantolo

      Roger de Guzman
      Roger de Guzman While awaiting reaction from DILG I have posted same copy in FB of Pasig City government and MMDA

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  2. says:

    This is from concerned employee, pls remove memorandum stating to delivery of goods starts 11pm only. pls apply it to all without limitations to gross weight of trucks. kawawa naman kami empleyado. 9pm close ng mall tapos 2hrs waiting para lang sa delivery. sobrang hassle and stressful. that memo only apply on peak season like christmas. please have a concern to us employees. thank you

  3. Hermogenes Martinez says:

    i sent a video thru your twitter last nov 9. It isa regarding MMDA tow trucks that counterflowed in White Plains last NOV 8 at around 730 am. Up to now walang reply. Kawawa naman kaming sumusunod sa batas trapiko, kung kayo mismo hindi sumusumod. Hope you can act on this.

  4. mark says:

    hi.. totoo po ba na 11pm to 5am na ang sched ng deliveree ng goods sa mall starting nov 1 kasi po nag bigay ng memo sa amin ang sm galling raw po sa mmda para maiwasan ang traffic sa edsa

    • Good day, Usec. Thomas Orbos! I’m Redison Dionisio, a broadcast communication student of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines-College of Communication.
      One of our major courses, Television Production (BRCO 3175), requires us to create a news report, which covers about national news.
      In accordance with this, I’m humbly asking for an opportunity to have an interview with you regarding the motorcycle lane policy.
      Thank you and God bless!

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