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  1. Mike says:

    Good Am,

    I have some concerns regarding a traffic violation I experienced around 2pm to 3pm July 24 at the corner of Aurora Boulevard and EDSA Cubao.

    This traffic enforcer F. REGATON suddenly hold me up when I turned right after the tunnel of Aurora Boulevard going to EDSA. It was not an abrupt move coz I followed the lane going to Cubao as I was going towards EDSA. He told me that i shouldn’t turn right there coz there is no right turn.. I asked: “Saan ako dadaan Sir?” Hindi po ako taga rito taga Makati po ako. so paano ko malalaman ang ikutan nito eh papasok na ako ng tunnel?” So I asked him it was not my intention to turn right but i need to coz i was going towards EDSA , Makati and I’m not familiar with Cubao’s rerouting. He was insisting to me that i should have made a U Turn over the bridge and then left to Aurora. Man, if your not from that area how will you know? But still insisting I should have made a turn going to the bridge and maybe out to Arayat St. or Aurora Boulevard What?? I don’t wanna loose my patience so, I just gave in and he got my license…

    For me that should be an open way, if you wish to turn right going to EDSA then you could coz your still following the stop lights anyway. If you go straight the route to EDSA might take you all the way inside Cubao Gateway then through P. Tuazon then out to EDSA??? tsk,tsk…which is not convenient for any driver.. Besides the jeepney the taxi’s waiting in that area are most likely to be CAUSING THE TRAFFIC! not the private vehicles..

    I hope my observation and analyzation of the scenario will shed some light on what i’ve encountered awhile ago… Thanks!

  2. Nena Quirante says:

    Good evening! REgarding the Earthquake drill tomorrow and the road closure at EDSA northbound beginning 6 am, is the MRT operation affected? Have to use the northbound public transpo to reach my work at V. Luna. Thank you.

  3. james says:

    they are along the road put on the raod side gutter….concrete barriers at roxas boulevard..thank you if your could action this request…mabuhay ka MMDA

  4. james says:

    please check the concrete barriers place at the side of roxas boulevard along the bay walk area…..a road hazard for motorcycle riders….I am a motorbike rider, almost hitting it…we don’t have allocated space to drive, so it can help us by removing these concrete barriers

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