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57 Responses to THE DAILY TRIBUNE

  1. Anthony Corpuz says:

    Good evening sir/ma’am, I am Mr. Anthony Corpuz of Puerto Princesa City, Palawan.. I am a merchandiser, supplying various items to my clients.. one of the item is old newspaper.. Can i buy 6,000kg of old newspaper from your company? How much per kg po? Thank you..

  2. The Eye says:

    Greetings to all brave staffs of the Daily Tribune Philippines. I only want to say I can’t connect to your website on the usual manner. Hoping you’ll able to find and fix the problem because I’m tried of reading Yellow stuffs, meaning, lies.

    You are doing a great job.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ako din po nakatanggap ng ganyan..dapat po ata isumbong na yan…or ipatulfo po:(

  4. Eddie K. says:

    Good day.. Mssrs.Daily Tribune.. A good day to all your staff ! First of all. i would like to salute Daily Tribune for being very informative , educational and true to its calling. Bringing well researched articles and in-depth views and commentaries… I would like also to take this opportunity to ” hats off ” to Mr. Charlie Manalo on his articles dated April 5, 2018.. DU30 visit to Boao Forum .. I cant but admire him for his views on this issue.. First of all, the Boao forum isnt just an ordinary get together among the regions leaders of economies think tanks, DU 30 did all the right things in steering our country to a better undersdtanding and cooperation with powerhouse China.. And Mr. Manalo’s is right in ,may i quite” The Philippine must not miss this ” New Era ” of China to create its own ” Philippines New Era’ which ,by all indicators, DU seems to be achieving already” unquote… And also kudos to Ms.Ninez Cacho -Olivares and all the staff for “making my day ” More Power ! salamat po.

  5. alena says:

    just got a phone call just now from certain Mr Rudy Andal of Daily Tribune and said my friend will be posted for a case against her . same din need to call certain Atty Manuel Lacerda , and the number they gave was 02 475-06-84. Until now meron pa din.

  6. Lorna L. says:

    My office received also a call from Hazel Mendoza of Phil Daily Tribune (daw sya) while I was in a meeting out of my office. My office mate immediately relayed to me the message. Same as the comments above, this is clearly harassment. And threatening my office that they will also include the company where I work for. I called the Daily Tribune and yes, SCAM.

  7. Desiree Dimayuga says:

    Got a phone call from Sheila Fernandez of Phil. Daily Tribune (daw) that they will publish a comlint against me with my pic violating Art. 354. And I need to call Atty. Donato Zarate. Daily Tribune should do something about it. Kung walang alam ang bibiktimahin kawawa naman.

  8. Ed says:

    Same situation sa akin. Palaging tumatawag and always for a person I don’t know. Please fix this. It’s super annoying and highly disturbing. She said she’s pefrom Phil Daily Tribune.

  9. Gie says:

    Received a call in our office last Friday, January 20, 2017 at around 9:55 AM from a so called personnel from Daily Tribune named himself Andrei Magsayao. Alleged personnel told me that an employee from our company is facing a case filed and paid by Atty. Redemberto Villanueva. The said case is a criminal complain Art. 354 revised penal code (searched it opnline and it turned out it is a libel case). Magsayao told me that it was a Notice to Public that will be published 3 Sundays starting January 22, 2017 and that our employee will be bearing our company name. Magsayao also told me that he was just “concerned” that he contacted us to tell us that our company name will be mentioned in the said NTP. He then also advised me to have an Affidavit of Refusal and to contact the said attorney which is Atty. Villanueva. Magsayao then gave me the said attorney’s contact number which is (02) 434-2749. And at the end of our conversation, Magsayao also gave me his contact number just in case which is (02) 579-4939.

    So upon returning to my desk, I immediately searched for the attorney’s name and it turned out that Atty. Redemberto Villanueva is famous and an ex-lawyer of Maguindanao massacre and who’s facing tax evasion. (read it from inquirer online which news published at Jan. 3, 2013) I then get a hint that it was a scam. Then I searched the given contact numbers and directed me to a blog which content is all about scam. Stories with the same situation as ours.

  10. nakatanggap din po kami ngayon ng text para sa aking asawa ng ganyan ngayon araw pong ito.

  11. SCAM says:

    nakatanggap din kami na text messages na ganyan. today. Working daw sa Philippine Daily Tribune…tawagan daw si mr. James De Leon (editor) & Bobby Durano (OIC) and atty Lopez with this number 0947.222.3029 about the Ground & the Details, huh!!
    They are Giving false accusation to m y sister.

    Paki bigyan niyo po ng pansin itong Scammer na ito. Ginagamit ang name ng newspaper niyo po.

    Thank you