8449 President Avenue, BF Homes, Phase 1, Parañaque City

SSS Contact Number(s):

+632 825-0077, +632 825-0184 (Fax)

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5 Responses to SSS – PARAÑAQUE

  1. Laurence blancaflor says:

    Gud morning tnung ku lng..kc ang payment ng contribution ko ay kda 15th day e pnu kung ntpat ng saturday ?? July 15 kc db saturday ?kekan bko dpt mg byad ? Ngaung 14 or sa monday na 17?

  2. albert says:

    meron na po akong ss number pero waht form po ang kelangan para po maipasa sa company yung mga contribution po? thanks

  3. Nestor I. Cabrera says:

    How do i set an appointment with your Branch Manager to discuss my problem re my Retirement Claim? Very difficult to get through the “filters” just to be able to speak to her .. In person. Thanks.

    Nestor I. Cabrera
    SSS No. 03 3278943 9

  4. Vicente B. Resurreccion says:

    I forgot to mention that it is in that branch that I used to ask information while I was still there. I just arrived here in Australia July 2016. Will it matter if I transact SSS matters to BF or Puregold Sucat?

    I am just concerned what documents I have to send thru email to prove that I am still surviving. I have the following in my possession at the moment:

    1. My passport
    2. 2 valid I.Ds.
    3. ACOP form

    I am thinking of taking a photograph of me with a Local newspaper here close to my face to show the date on my birthday November 27 – how does that sound?

    I don’t think I have to communicate with SSS Puregold branch now that I have explained my issues to your branch, after all you have only one data base for SSS. Am I correct?

    Thank you so much for your help.

    (Sgd) Vicente B. Resurreccion

  5. Vicente B. Resurreccion says:

    Can you please provide me the email address of SSS Puregold Sucat, Paranaque.MM
    My concern is that I am now in Melbourne, Australia and I want to communicate with them regarding what I have to send them that I am still around, and it is my birthday on Nov. 27 and I am worried that they may hold my pension if no proper documentation is sent to the them.

    Could you please forward this message to them.

    Thank you so much! God bless!

    Vicente Belmonte Resurreccion

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