SLEX Contact Numbers:

SLEX Hotline: +6349 508-7539 or +632 584-4389 local 332 & 333;
+63 917-687-7539 (Globe); SOMCO/CMMTC Hotline: +632) 776-7676,
+632 776-7777

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  1. Dennis Peña says:

    Will you consider allowing originally manufactured and capable three-wheeler cycles pass thru SLEX for the following facts: 1. They are only 4 of them anyway a. Harley Davidson Ultra Classic; Piaggio MP3; Aprilla Foucault; Ural Motors; and Cam Am Spyder; 2. They are all more stable than regular bikes and their safety are guaranteed by their company and are all known big manufacturers; 3. They call all go beyond 150 KPH which is way beyond the 100 KPH speed limit of SLEX. 4. The big slow trucks are more of a road hazards than this swift and stable Orinally manufactured trikes. Only the rich can afford them so there will only be a few of them will be on the road at any one time. 5. They are safer for old bikers like me, over 50.

  2. joedel says:

    Yung pong dugsungan ng mga tulay nyo bitak na at di pa pantay. Masira po mga sasakayan na dumadaan.

  3. Rommel says:

    Not updated ang mga mobile number nyo. Please update,.
    Thank you.

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