SLEX Contact Numbers:

SLEX Hotline: +6349 508-7539 or +632 584-4389 local 332 & 333;
+63 917-687-7539 (Globe); SOMCO/CMMTC Hotline: +632) 776-7676,
+632 776-7777

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  1. Egay Buendia says:

    Last week, coming from Alabang, I experienced the horrible traffic while exiting SLEX in Bicutan toll booth. It took me about 30-45 minutes queuing towards the toll booth, after passing Sucat Toll Booth. The reason was, the SLEX management changed the way the Bicutan booth operates… BEFORE 1-booth exclusive use of ETC motorist, 1-booth dedicated for ETC+Cash motorist, and 1-booth for pure Cash motorist… NOW 2-booths were for exclusive use of ETC or RFID motorist, and only 1-booth to be use by Cash paying motorist. I hope they revert to the previous way they manage the booths to give equal space for ETC motorist and Cash paying motorist. Please have a heart to us motorist using SLEX, and don’t burden us with a terrible traffic caused by your management decision … we are paying for the use of SLEX, and give us the freedom to choose whether to have an ETC in our vehicle or just pay Cash for your road use.

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