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SLEX Hotline: +6349 508-7539 or +632 584-4389 local 332 & 333;
+63 917-687-7539 (Globe); SOMCO/CMMTC Hotline: +632) 776-7676,
+632 776-7777

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  1. rowie c morelos says:

    god speed. good pm. ask lang po wala na po bang tiket n binibigay kapag nag exit ka ng calamba. nag eneter po ako ng skyway wala din po tiket. the story nag enter po ako ng skyway sa magallanes so automatic wala na po tiket or card nag exit po ako ng calamba 500 po ang inabot ko at 240 ang sukli po. ang tanung ko po bakit wala po ako resibo or tiket ng mag exit ako sabi po ok na daw po yun sabi ng teller sa improvised teller booth number 2. ayoko lang po makipagtatlo hiningi ko po ang resibo sabi ok n daw po .pero paano po naging ok eh nagbayad po ako wala sya binigay sa akin na resibo. whici is alam ko po ay merun kc wala n po nung nag entry ako tiket and ussually merun naman po talaga dapat. emergency lng po kc at magtatagal ako kaya di ko n po ipinilit so i decided to make this email for your information. dumaan po ako ng bet 8pm to 9 pm of december 14, 2016. maam sir have good day . clarification lang po salamat po

  2. Vicson Delos Santos Lim says:

    I just wanted to make a feedback with regards to the zipper lane being implemented from Alabang via duct to near the ramp of skyway every Monday morning. I am one of those who are using the south bound lane of SLEX everyday, my home is in Antipolo and my place of work is in Calamba city. The implementation of zipper lane which started around 3 weeks ago had added at least 20 minutes of my travel time because of the traffic jam it is creating on the south bound lane of SLEX every Monday morning. I would like to request that SLEX re-evaluate this undertaking. Zipper lane is only suppose to be implemented if the traffic capacity of the affected lane is capable, meaning no additional travel time should be incurred by paying Customer, if not, then I think we can consider the undertaking as unfair. South bound travelers are being unnecessarily burdened by a program that will not benefit himself. Why should a paying Customer sacrifice ? Instead of just having north bound Customer suffering, you have unjustly added South bound customers which are not suppose to be affected. If you carefully evaluate the program, I do not think it help much on the North bound customer as well, because you can notice that the traffic just after the openings on the north bound is light. This means that it is bottle necking on the splitting and on the merging points. Please stop this practice.

  3. Dennis Peña says:

    Will you consider allowing originally manufactured and capable three-wheeler cycles pass thru SLEX for the following facts: 1. They are only 4 of them anyway a. Harley Davidson Ultra Classic; Piaggio MP3; Aprilla Foucault; Ural Motors; and Cam Am Spyder; 2. They are all more stable than regular bikes and their safety are guaranteed by their company and are all known big manufacturers; 3. They call all go beyond 150 KPH which is way beyond the 100 KPH speed limit of SLEX. 4. The big slow trucks are more of a road hazards than this swift and stable Orinally manufactured trikes. Only the rich can afford them so there will only be a few of them will be on the road at any one time. 5. They are safer for old bikers like me, over 50.

  4. joedel says:

    Yung pong dugsungan ng mga tulay nyo bitak na at di pa pantay. Masira po mga sasakayan na dumadaan.

    • Athena says:

      Yah and we are paying for toll fee gulat din me minsan nagdrive me gabi lakas bagsak sa gulong un pala lalim ng lubak.Please check the safety of all drivers and vehicle dian sa daanan you have to improve like NLEX

      • Athena says:

        By the way please improve your customer service na kumukuha ng bayad sa toll fee i exited from carmona yesterday around 7pm nung inabot ko un paid ticket ko sabi sa akin nung babae tsk.Christmas season pa naman.I’m in customer service too.Train them to smile and greet drivers good morning and say thank you pag kaabot ng bayad. Di lang sila dapat kumukuha ng bayad ng nakasimangot

  5. Rommel says:

    Not updated ang mga mobile number nyo. Please update,.
    Thank you.

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