SLEX Contact Numbers:

SLEX Hotline: +6349 508-7539 or +632 584-4389 local 332 & 333;
+63 917-687-7539 (Globe); SOMCO/CMMTC Hotline: +632) 776-7676,
+632 776-7777

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  1. Jaime Bonnin says:

    isang pagbati po s mgt ng mates, kumento ko lng po sa xpressway natin ay karamihan ng motorista nagbababad sa overtaking lane, mrami po tayong kbabayan unaware dto, ala b tayo patrol na pwd sumita dto? minsan kahit businahan mo wala lng d tumatabi at naging sanhi pa tuloy ng pagbagal ng flow ng trafik, suggestion ko lng po sna mabigyan ng pansin, sa sitwasyon ngayn cguro alisin n ang overtaking lane kc s dami n talagang sasakyan sa halip gawin n lng itong ” EXPRESS LANE” kung tawagin at may required speed sya na naka print mismo sa kalsada para aware ang mga dumaraan dto at para mas mpapabilis ang daloy, sa ngayn kc lahat ng lane kahit saan n lng overtake at nagbababad kaya barado ang flow at phrone din s accident…ganito kc s US, hopofully this will do…ty

  2. Gene De Guzman says:

    I believe you should “educate” your toll booth attendants on how to distinguish 400cc motorbikes to those who “pretend” to be riding a big bike. Last Christmas season on several occasions, smaller motorcycles which are definitely not 400cc were along SLEX. One of them exiting MCX. Just today, another motorcycle (yellow) which is definitely not of the 400cc category was allowed to enter Southwoods, North Bound. The bike had 2 passengers with back packs at the rear. This poses a safety hazard for both motorbike rider and other cars along SLEX. Why can’t your toll booth attendants challenge the rider to show proof that bike is really 400cc thru original registration papers. Secondly, if these are truly big bikes and frequently use SLEX, then they would acquire an ETC. But the mere fact that they prefer to line up and get cards is already suspicious. Just by the sound of the motorbike, you can easily distinguish what is and what is not 400cc.

  3. Engr. Arnel Padua says:

    Please implement the law regarding overloading. It is for the safety of passengers. Most of the bus coming from San Pedro, Laguna going to Lrt Gil Puyat / Buendia do not follow this law. Before the bus cannot pass the toll gate going to Manila if you are overloading. Only seating capacity is allowed to pass the toll gate. I hope the SLEX Management will look into this because the safety of the public is also your concern.

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