Central Post Office, Liwasang Bonifacio, Ermita, Manila

PHLPOST Contact Number(s):

+632 527-8327 to 30, +632 854-0291, +632 854-3580, +632 854-4613, +632 854-5467


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  1. Rogelio Ates says:

    I have a document sent under tracking number RN343368983CA still not delivered since 08 October 2018. Please kindly dispatch it ASAP. Thanks

  2. Jaela Del Rosario says:

    Hi can you help me find my package loaction and when it will grt delivered

  3. Cherry says:

    Hello could anyone help me find my package location and when it will be delivered to my addres. A friend from the US sent me a package of used items as a gift and im expecting it to be delivered to my address by Oct 6-11,2018 but i never recieve it yet. From my last track, the package is at custom in Manila for inspection for almost a week now. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you!

  4. Eugene Robles Mariano says:

    I have 3 packages that have reached Dubai but your Dubai representatives have not been able to deliver as the receivers were not at home – can u let me have a Dubai contact number so that the receivers can call them ? Thanks 🙂

  5. Belen Rotoni says:

    I have a parcel to me through postaitaliane .It was sent to me by my friend since lastsept.4 2018 till now I still not get it and no feedback from montalban post office where it sent through post office.It contain only chocolates and perfume.My tracking number is05242330664-8,lhe

  6. Song Meena says:

    Hi. I send my parcel that contains important documents to Malawi,Africa on August 22,2018 from Tagaytay Philpost office. But I haven’t seen or received any message that had arrived there already. The post officers said it will take 7 to 10 days but one month has past already. Pls tell me where exactly is the parcel. The number is RR 064 359 635 PH
    Pls reply.

  7. princess says:

    ask ko lang po kelan ideliver yung package ko it almost there na po sa postal service nyo..nagpadala po ay si ronald doster from ohio,oakwood united states..i need your contact number dahil sa pili camsur pa po ako..

  8. Nika says:

    Have tried to track my package for several weeks already and sent several tickets and messages to every imaginable PH Post site. All their numbers are not working and cannot be reached. So happy to stumble upon this thread and tried to give this number a chance +632 527-8327 and finally someone answered my call. They directed me to Customs Hotline 7056052/ 7056000 and was advised to go directly to Central Mail Exchange Center Domestic Road Pasay City to claim my package. Already asked if they have a landline and given that they do not update their contact numbers they do not have a landline for that branch. Will send someone to try and retrieve my package will update you if I was successful

  9. msahara says:

    Hi! I am waiting for a letter sent from Germany last 20 August 2018, and up until now, I have not receive my documents yet, I’ve checked the status online it was never been change at all in your system. I just want to understand why I tried to reach all the numbers on any social media, it is not reachable at all. Can you please advise if where is my document right now. Here is the RR857265642DE, kindly take action on this as I need my documents ASAP.
    Thank you.

  10. David Everden says:

    I sent a parcel from the UK it has now been in customs for 8 days now, the tracking number is RU773395626GB could this parcel be located and a message sent to me for the reason it has been there for so long.

    Regards David

  11. Gilbertodaguil says:

    Please note my letter about my documents August 7th I was sent it from new Zealand to Philippines but until now my family has not yet received,
    Tracking #EP433607307NZ
    Please give immediate action. Thank you

  12. Marjorie Edge says:

    I am looking for an update on my package sent August 2nd and was received the 7th but that has been the last update we received.It is not the 21st almost a month later. The tracking code was CH047307641US.

    Last Update ” Your item was processed through a facility in MNL CENTRAL MAIL EXCHANGE CTR AIR, PHILIPPINES on August 7, 2018 at 1:13 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination. “

  13. Sheryl Anne Santos says:

    Saan po direct pwede magreklamo?nwawala kasi ang pera na pinadala sa akin.

  14. Francisco V. Tuaño says:

    How could I possibly know if my package arrived in the Philippine mail coming from Australia?

  15. Good morning

    I am searching for a package.

    I am Connie D. Miller from Medical Gas Training & Consulting, LLC. I am looking for a package. It has not been delivered. I would appreciate all your help. Thank you very much.

    Rosario Gerardo
    RMG Medical
    37 Oliva St., Valle Verde 4
    Pasig City 1604, Metro Manila, Philippines

    Tracking Number is CH044003297US

    This is the information last received.

    EMS Tracking Results for CH044003297USEMS/Shipment from United States to Philippines14 Jun, 2018
    14:38 (02:38 pm)Philippines
    Mail Processing Centre: Mnl Central Mail Exchange Ctr Air
    (IMPC code: PHMNLA)Arrival at inward office of exchange14 Jun, 2018
    14:39 (02:39 pm)Philippines
    Mail Processing Centre: Mnl Central Mail Exchange Ctr Air
    (IMPC code: PHMNLA)Held by customs14 Jun, 2018
    14:39 (02:39 pm)Philippines
    Mail Processing Centre: Mnl Central Mail Exchange Ctr Air
    (IMPC code: PHMNLA)Item presented to import Customs15 Jun, 2018
    11:34 (11:34 am)Philippines
    Mail Processing Centre: Mnl Central Mail Exchange Ctr Air
    (IMPC code: PHMNLA)Item returned from Customs (import)16 Jun, 2018
    07:55 (07:55 am)Philippines
    Mail Processing Centre: Mnl Central Mail Exchange Ctr Air
    (IMPC code: PHMNLA)Departure from inward office of exchangeTrack and trace via United States EMS site (origin country)Track and trace via Philippines EMS site (destination country)