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+632 527-2393, +632 527-3145

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2 Responses to PHILIPPINE STAR

  1. Joaquin rebullida says:

    Hello i just wish to ask help i read article of queen josephine villegas ramos anout cocoa i wish to get in touch with is it ok if i ask for her contact number thank you sir


    Gentlemen and Mesdames,

    I am writing your reputable company to inquire if you have any pending publication against me.
    My former employee received a call from a certain Ms. Elaine Yuson informing that your paper will publish my name and my picture to warn/inform the public that i am being charged of Presumption of Malice and further jeopardizing my image not only in the school but in the community.

    May I know if you have an employee in your verification dept. (if the dept. exists) by the name of ELAINE YUSON with phone number 09055010881 and landline number (02) 923-3637. I have tried to contact the landline number for verification, but to no avail.

    Kindly enlighten me about since your paper is being used to harass me.

    Thank you.