Roxas Boulevard, Manila Flag Officer-in-Command

Philippine Navy Contact Number:

+632 524-4322 (Telefax)

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8 Responses to PHILIPPINE NAVY

  1. Clodso S Alcala says:

    Dear Sir/Mam! I whould like to know that my papers early retirement since i work 1984 to 2002. I filled it since 2002, i never know what happen until now. Im a civilian employee thank you please reply me!

  2. Gene Mortos says:

    Good day sir/ma’am.I just want to ask about one of your navy named John Gomez who destined in Zambales ,I want to know if he really a philippine navy? Pls ma’am /sir answer my question coz I don’t want to think of him a scammer. .

  3. Rochelle J. Ubiña says:

    Good morning, may employee ba kayong Master Sergeant Rain Lopez?

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