Fort Bonifacio, Makati City

Philippine Army Contact Numbers:

+632 818-0877, +632 816-1162 (Fax)

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47 Responses to PHILIPPINE ARMY

  1. king Elee says:

    king Elee=Philippines

    = Food Industry

    = beef stalk
    = whale stalk
    = fruit stalk
    = sugar stalk
    – sauce stalk
    =white stalk(rice)

    = drink stalk
    =hot iron-cooking ware stalk
    = priest stalk
    = water transportation stalk
    = small ventures
    = planting tool stalk
    = active toys stalk

    = king eLee
    = eterna life

  2. king Elee says:

    = age gap
    age 26,1/2 now days
    will be dead in the 10 yrs of 2000’s
    years 3%>10% at least

    =Basic Age death rate

    =usual to gifted people
    1 – 6-:>6=. 100 yrs old!

    = Phil. Marines
    U.S. flag health news comment page
    = Pres. Duterte
    = Flag Phil. /china

    = king Ellee of Phil.

  3. lee h. lim says:

    Phil. army, 2018 Jose Rizal,KKK,Si Malakas at si Maganda,Bathala

    My business is making hats, swords , weapons,know how to plant,
    make cr, bags, shoes,make desserts, create transportation, etc.
    – I’m considered as a knight, I am ancient!,create jewelries, perfume,
    – toys, make up, hunting tools, build houses,,etc. I repeat I am ancient,
    ‘ -I can create in an ancient way->

    = Lee Lim- son of the late Regardo h. Lim

  4. lee lim says:

    Sir contribution yon namin, kaming mga kristyano para sa bansa at sa inuukulan!
    Inasemble ko yun purposefully para sa mga kristyano!Mahirap man, may kaya, maysakit
    mayaman, assembled for christians!
    Marami pang dadating!
    by : lee lim-a Filipino born citizen- a possible scientist

  5. Armies these are possible new food recipes for our country;Under the administration of president. Duterte Jan. 2018, 20th Bathala time by the PresidentFLAGGED

    = Ito yung timpla lutuin
    – ginisang kangkong
    – tortang galunggong/tinapa
    – fish batchoy
    – galunggong na embutido/
    – banana cake na may alak
    – seafood rice
    – butter(rice)paella
    – lecheflan at tinapay
    – binagoongnag isda
    – garlic /fried pork barbecue
    – puto na may it log na maalat
    – puto na may matams na buko
    – buko fruit salad
    – tsokolate na may mani
    – quail egg and corn(chinese soup)
    =milk bar(chocolate bar
    – sago at arnibal(dessert
    – hopia cake
    -ice cream pudding
    – ice ream biscuit
    – pinoy energy drinks(chocolate flavor)

    – raisin chocolate
    -buko turon
    -mango turon
    -cassava turon
    – dried apples
    – dried orange

    = apple in honey =in can
    pork stew with peas and potatoes
    = turkey croissant sandwich
    – turkey with cheese sandwich
    – turkey sandwich
    – turkey embutido
    – lichon in gravy
    – beef barbecue
    – beef stew
    – beef meatballs in sauce
    – egg salad

    – buttered bread in sweet syrup/corn syrup
    = garlic soft bread with dip sauce
    – soft bread in sweet paste

    = menu
    = beef with mashed potatoes
    – baked fish w/ salad and gravy

    – pork with salad and baked rice

    – – nuts

    – tortilla
    = seed biscuit.sesame & floured-

    = snack bread flavorings

    – Mga army scientist at tagaluto, Nais kong makita niyo yung sarap ng pagkain. Simple lang ito lutuin. Halohalo, gist-gisa,tikman! Luto na! Sa tingin ko , wala pang recipe ganito sa Pinas!

    – Ilevitate niyo lang young ibig sabihin ng lutuin! Thankyou

    sir: dial tone is still Airfox.Si dial tone ay si Airfox:

    sending to A Filipino sniper under the flag of Philippines from a considered filipino sniper!

  6. Princian Lim says:

    To our country Philippines: under president Duterte 2018 & forever

    = from a disciple
    -> this is the kingdom of God according to the son of God

    – create knighthood
    – create Monastic schools
    – create animal stables
    – create kingdoms
    – create confession box
    – create banal na dako
    – create walls
    – create God’s templars
    – create God’s temple
    – create heaven unto Philippines
    – create paradise
    – create God’s resting
    – create place for offering
    – Create tabernacles for the spirit of God
    – create the House of God
    – ito ang kaharian ng Diyos maaaring
    pisikal subalit spiritual
    =>sender- Pastor John