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+632 818-0877, +632 816-1162 (Fax)

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45 Responses to PHILIPPINE ARMY

  1. lee h. lim says:

    Phil. army, 2018 Jose Rizal,KKK,Si Malakas at si Maganda,Bathala

    My business is making hats, swords , weapons,know how to plant,
    make cr, bags, shoes,make desserts, create transportation, etc.
    – I’m considered as a knight, I am ancient!,create jewelries, perfume,
    – toys, make up, hunting tools, build houses,,etc. I repeat I am ancient,
    ‘ -I can create in an ancient way->

    = Lee Lim- son of the late Regardo h. Lim

  2. lee lim says:

    Sir contribution yon namin, kaming mga kristyano para sa bansa at sa inuukulan!
    Inasemble ko yun purposefully para sa mga kristyano!Mahirap man, may kaya, maysakit
    mayaman, assembled for christians!
    Marami pang dadating!
    by : lee lim-a Filipino born citizen- a possible scientist

  3. Armies these are possible new food recipes for our country;Under the administration of president. Duterte Jan. 2018, 20th Bathala time by the PresidentFLAGGED

    = Ito yung timpla lutuin
    – ginisang kangkong
    – tortang galunggong/tinapa
    – fish batchoy
    – galunggong na embutido/
    – banana cake na may alak
    – seafood rice
    – butter(rice)paella
    – lecheflan at tinapay
    – binagoongnag isda
    – garlic /fried pork barbecue
    – puto na may it log na maalat
    – puto na may matams na buko
    – buko fruit salad
    – tsokolate na may mani
    – quail egg and corn(chinese soup)
    =milk bar(chocolate bar
    – sago at arnibal(dessert
    – hopia cake
    -ice cream pudding
    – ice ream biscuit
    – pinoy energy drinks(chocolate flavor)

    – raisin chocolate
    -buko turon
    -mango turon
    -cassava turon
    – dried apples
    – dried orange

    = apple in honey =in can
    pork stew with peas and potatoes
    = turkey croissant sandwich
    – turkey with cheese sandwich
    – turkey sandwich
    – turkey embutido
    – lichon in gravy
    – beef barbecue
    – beef stew
    – beef meatballs in sauce
    – egg salad

    – buttered bread in sweet syrup/corn syrup
    = garlic soft bread with dip sauce
    – soft bread in sweet paste

    = menu
    = beef with mashed potatoes
    – baked fish w/ salad and gravy

    – pork with salad and baked rice

    – – nuts

    – tortilla
    = seed biscuit.sesame & floured-

    = snack bread flavorings

    – Mga army scientist at tagaluto, Nais kong makita niyo yung sarap ng pagkain. Simple lang ito lutuin. Halohalo, gist-gisa,tikman! Luto na! Sa tingin ko , wala pang recipe ganito sa Pinas!

    – Ilevitate niyo lang young ibig sabihin ng lutuin! Thankyou

    sir: dial tone is still Airfox.Si dial tone ay si Airfox:

    sending to A Filipino sniper under the flag of Philippines from a considered filipino sniper!

  4. Princian Lim says:

    To our country Philippines: under president Duterte 2018 & forever

    = from a disciple
    -> this is the kingdom of God according to the son of God

    – create knighthood
    – create Monastic schools
    – create animal stables
    – create kingdoms
    – create confession box
    – create banal na dako
    – create walls
    – create God’s templars
    – create God’s temple
    – create heaven unto Philippines
    – create paradise
    – create God’s resting
    – create place for offering
    – Create tabernacles for the spirit of God
    – create the House of God
    – ito ang kaharian ng Diyos maaaring
    pisikal subalit spiritual
    =>sender- Pastor John

  5. Princian Lim says:

    2018 citizenship constitutional world market contribution by: Lee Lim-Airfox=Philippine Flag
    – Food invention

    = croissant bread that has cheese
    – pandedsal that has meat
    – chocolate beer
    = milk ice-cream
    – rice vegetable with meat
    – flour biscuits -> try to do my recipe!It’s really yummy!
    – sugar based cakes
    – starch based biscuits ->
    – laced meat recipes
    New Perfumes originally Filipino mixed
    – fruit scented perfumes
    – rain dew scented perfumes
    – flower based perfume ->literally compose it!
    – weather purposed perfume
    – synthesized perfume

    = Filipino GameBoards for young at heart
    -word puzzle the game board
    police & thief- board game
    -Dracula the board game
    – Space Hunt the game board
    = Wizard of Oz- the game board
    – who killed roger rabbit the game board
    -FBI- the game board :> these are focus subjects, try to space
    -Alice in the wonderland the game board the subject!
    -Dessert storm- the game board
    – Craft- the game board
    – Finder’s keepers the game board
    – Castlevania the game board
    – Superman the game board
    – x-men the game board
    – Mickeymouse the game board
    – Templars- the excalibur sword the game board
    -American soldier the game board

    – bugs bunny
    – Daimos
    – search & rescue
    – The birthright
    – Devil’s hunt
    – the ghost
    – ghost rider
    – DEAD pool
    – flash
    – daredevil
    -psylocke :>these are character, make a game out of them!
    – Never-ending story
    – The Black Moon
    – Wolf
    – singles & Demons
    – the last scout
    – the underworld
    – the key
    – Paranormal
    – The mystery Book
    The sword
    – The journey
    – space odyssey
    – the last world
    – The lost world

    CAR Designs
    Word title of a car
    – Red hut
    – Lady psylocke :>-these are figures of speech titles, try to visualize!
    – Lady blue
    – The Golden diamond
    – The Shades Mace
    – laze
    – Pink Panther
    – Lance
    – Hypnotica
    – Supersonic
    – speed wagon
    – Eternity
    – Blue-Ray

    = These are new research,expoerimentation and scientific evidence! I hope
    everyone will be happy and fruitful! I love you Philippines, I love You!Amen

  6. Elain Ng says:

    Philippines and Phil. armies,
    -> those are works of Elain Ng of Victory Church Taft!
    – sending message 2017-2018.All of the text and suggestions are made by elain ng of victory church TAFT(church branch)

  7. Marine chancellors and architects:steel,wood and plastic!Observe silence…2018under
    PAL= flag
    – regarding Philippine Army equipment,how to make it?

    – they are titles of words-to understand?-there is a meaning-based the
    equipment upon what i saith or write-then create the casing,test
    the purpose of the equipment=
    for ex.-
    – Armywatch- create a wristwatch with a function of a military coding:>

    – i hope my explanation runs to comprehension!In case you doubt my
    Filipino blood line, i was born in Manila Doctors June 10 ,1981, check my record there-

    – Sir i passed it of u.s., with my permission i transfer it for the Philippines
    in my respect of Pres. Duterte! All of it!
    – signed by : Lee Lim Jan. 1,2018time5:07p.m.Monday-L.A.CaliforniaU.S.A.

  8. lee lim says:

    2018 Jan.
    :>Baka pwede niyong timplahin at lutuin! Thankyou!
    New Food Recipes
    – bibingka= ube flavor, mocha,cheese,chocolate
    – cake flan-halfcake , half leche flan
    – sisig- beef meat or goat
    – garlic fish recipe-soaked in butter and olive oil in fried garlic
    – barbecue= whale and shark meat
    – omelet with onions ,cheese and corn
    – taho with corn
    – ube flavored cuchinta
    – honey /bread
    – cookie ice- cream
    – seafood spaghetti
    – oyster sauce noodles
    – fried shrimp and onion sandwich
    – fried squid and onion with cheese4 sandwich
    – chicken liver on stick
    – barbecued chicken liver
    – binagoongang kanin
    – pork curry
    = beef curry
    – tinapay na may palaman na honey
    – cheese pancakes
    – cheese flavored cookies
    – strawberry flavored cookies
    – mocha flavored cookies
    – Filipino style burritos- bisaya; style
    – butter cake(mamon )
    = fruit burried chocolates
    = fruit flavored chocolates
    – plant leaf extracted chocolates
    – egg salad
    = crab abd vegetable salad
    – Mga luto ni Maria clara-figure it out
    – Mga komposisyon ni Dr. Jose Rizal-libro at contexto
    – Katipunerong Gawa-mga aktibidades ng mga katipunan noong unang panahon
    – President Ferdinand Marcos Army (Machinery)-mga panggerang gawa ni marcos
    =- Pres. Ramos -Army Machinery-mga panggerang gala ni Fidel V.Ramos
    GOAL and Assignments
    – To preserve Filipino language
    = To build a paradise
    – To create Filipino tools
    – To close the island
    by Lee h. Lim, grandson of the late Jo Lim-Dialtone=sniper

    – Hinggil sa aking mga padalang sulatin at naipasang gawa, pakimaniobra lang at pagaralang gawing riyalidad! Lee Lim-airfox

  9. lee h. lim says:

    Philippine Army, I need salary for my works. Send money to Hannah or Mylene Lim!
    I am the breadwinner of the family.- Lee Warren h. Lim

  10. From APO Fraternity – Alpha chapter= our report and dispersion
    by= From the son’s chancellor= lee lim of regardo lim 2014-2017

    = kinds of bible
    – new median-( communication)
    = New College courses
    – New senate law
    – New Govt.(kind)
    -= New cooking method
    – New church(kind)
    – New design of money
    – New 2000’s medical experimentation
    – New death rerun
    – New form of notebook
    -New emergency range
    – New intl. language communication
    -new cooking gear
    – New field of transportation
    – New Order of school
    = New scooping system

    – New Form of clothing
    – New form of planting
    – New ritual of religion
    – New form of planting

    – New land of engineering
    – Upgrading of food
    -new processes of water
    – New cabinet govt.
    – New wiring system

    – New decorum application
    New possible sports
    – New nature allowance
    from the planeteers and Captain Planet!

  11. Lee LIm says:

    still to go :

    – spiritual books
    p- Marine equipment
    – New Fads :>
    – New sports
    – New era of music
    – New Fantasy Reality
    – new laws
    – New Concept of movies
    – New vices
    – New digging of earth(possible new world)
    – New Book adventures
    – New Govt. Implementation
    – New Electronic device
    – New things to do on earth –
    – New Art
    — New possible Food mixing
    – Extension of the old church
    – Bringing christianity forward to the future
    – New possible design of earth
    – New possible recreations
    – New possible transportation
    – New possible music instrument
    – mNew architecture of shelter
    – Creation of new gospels
    – New liquid drinks beside water
    – New means of communications
    -New Food containers
    – New Emergency status
    -P.S. Ito po ang ambag ko sa ating bansa! Sana magustuhan niyo.

    – 2017 under Phil. Flag= pres. Rodrigo Duterte- Christian work-ministeryo ng kristiyano
    by December 2017

    by Lee Lim-highschool graduate-under grad-Airfox-dialtone-sniper-torpedo–bedan cuttingclasser-1997-musician-AGAPE Paranaque, Nazarene church via L.A.

    Mr. President, I was able to conduct business and revenues here in L.A.
    of much have been given as a business liability and produce.It was the time of Obama
    and noy noy Aquino. I believe it was sentenced as a student military work!

    – This is Captain Planet- signing off

  12. lee lim says:

    This is Airfox,lee warren h. lim, grandson of the late Joe Lim!Thankyou
    and God bless!

    • lee h. lim says:

      I am not an army in the u.s. nor a priest! I discovered our Army comment page, and so
      i punch my writings! I am still a church musician under Pastor Manny! Thankyou, I’m using a
      commercial computer which is handcraft!I am bored, pls. forgive me! Nor with a recording band?
      If you are PMA’er graduate consider my work! I am not with Peter Frederick Limson nor
      Lawrence Christopher Limson! I wasn’t asked to send details from their existing army
      panel! I tried entering U.S. Army but since i have a psychosis, i wasnt admitted! Nor seminary
      priesthood! All of what i made is just coming from deep thinking and possible commodity!
      That’s the truth! I don’t care about your 2 armies! As you wear; Thankyou! Like I said I am
      a possible scientist! Next year we will have legal documented status, and we will go home!
      As far as my Mom is concerned we still depend on Philippine government! Remember
      I don’t lie and That’s the truth of the matter!I was able to create those stuff because
      i study and moralize!Believe it or not! I did not copy any matrimonial codings.etc.By the way I picture I old sniper in my mind smoking his barge? Thanyou! I salute to our flag and
      P.S. you are entitled to find my picture for souvenir! By the way Pastor Adel Gonzales visited
      me! Thats all, I tried having a baby but it did not work! Im planning to work in the convent when
      i arrive in our country! I don’t care about seals nor marines! Dammit answer me!
      Guile – Philippine Flag Nov. 2017

  13. Ibasura niye na lang ang pinagagawa ko! Tutal
    naman bakla aso at tsino ko? – Bedan cutting classer 1995-1996

  14. lee lim says:

    Dear Armies, my service to you and my fellow filipinos! Thankyou!
    These are my inventions:

    – Airborne gliding parachute
    – Airforce belt
    – belt mechanics
    – Technical army boots
    – Exlusive Army batteries
    – cylinder cone
    – Army protective helmet
    – army communication watch
    – Data recorder
    – sniping camera
    – Army multivitamins
    – army emergency alcohol- for sterilizing and cleansing
    – Army wallet
    – army bag
    – velvet uniform
    – army meter
    – army underwater compass
    – army needle
    – army belk hook

    this is to be decorated, if this passes the possible created device
    then be it so. Give it to the one who visualizes the end product of my design.
    I hope this might be the answer or a constrructive revolutionary work! Thank you!
    – Leer Lim =sniper dial tone under the cause of the Filipino people2017
    Philippine flag, president Duterte

  15. lee lim says:

    Army equipment engineers- here’s your order: 2017 presid. Duterte:Philippine flag
    – consider me as your friend-

    – luminous compass
    – landmine detector via gas and soil
    – bullet medication-emrgency shot medication
    – army briefs(support)
    -gun film(film scope)
    bullet arrows>pin bullet needles
    – terrain marker(army landmark marker)
    – army sandals
    -navy blue camouflage(dress color code)
    -sealed bag(sealed army bag)
    -bag compass(bag telecom. system)
    -army sweater(temperature mask),army food pack
    – army sunglasses
    – To create the said equipment- take it to reality and find the application
    by: Lee h. Lim- dial tone-sniper

  16. lee h. lim says:

    Pilipinas :
    Binababoy lang daw natin ang amerika,yun ang sabi ng mga amerikano :

  17. lee lim says:

    kapwa ko pilipino, nakakainip ang buhay,parepareho lang ang nakikita,
    ano ba talaga ang dahlian.mayroon tayong mayaman na bansa pero hindi pa rin makuntento,
    mamatay din tayo balang araw,[pasko na naman kahit paano mayroong pagsasaluhan,
    kappag ang tao ay tumatanda parang napakagulo ng isip,
    Kailan kaya natin makakamit ang kapayapaan,
    Sana balang araw ay makamit natin ang sagot sa buhay, Diyos na lang ang magdidikta kung paano,saan at kailan!
    From Lee -L.A. California

  18. Philippine army technology engineer; heres my plea :
    – your’e order sir


    = key card I.D.
    =recycled soil
    = digital blender
    = ballpen w/ flashlight
    = built tightening of a pants
    = perfume oil
    [= digital oven
    = electric car
    = hit sinking airplane
    = motor bike
    ==bicycle in a metal form
    =procured medicine(not natural)
    = computer teleport
    =computer notebook
    =computer-page=paper recorder
    =electronic pan cooker
    =food animal
    =tire gel cleaner
    MACHINE BULDER=factory detail
    -battery type
    -metal type
    -hand type
    -metal type
    -heating fire type
    -mixture type
    -assembling type
    -man to man type

    = bolpen eraser
    -steel saw
    – vitamin c detox
    -animal(cleaning device)
    by : Mylene h. Lim c/o Lee h. Lim,former United airlines employee
    send the money 213 S. New Hampshire,apt. 204 wilshire vermont,L.A. California
    90004U.S.A.- sorry my son is demanding!

  19. Philippines ito ang katotohanan ng pilipinas; anting anting, nuno sa pulso
    palakasan ng agimat, aswang,mga demonyong anghel at sa Diyos, mag witch, mga santo,
    mag madre,mga sakristan,mga nagtataglay ng bakal na krus,mga bayani,mga scientist,
    mga hapon nagkakamouflage na sandalo,mga adik,mga senador,mga rapist,mga satanista,mga monk,mga bisness man,mga navy,mga gumagawa ng rebulto,mga ermitanyo, mga chemist,mga nagrerebuke ng demonyo sa tao at hayop,mga shaman,
    mga satanistang preacher,mga white ninja,mga tagasunod ni kristo,pagsamba sa diyos na si bathala,mga cook,mga gumagawa ng bomba,mga senakulo,mga gumagawa ng antinganting,mga paring demonyo,mga rebolusyonaryo,lahi ni juan delacruz mga gumagawa ng watawat,mga callgirl,may baliw,prayer warrior,mga totoong presidente,mga guwardiya,
    mga afp,mga kkk na teacher,mga nasa religious life,magtrotroso,mga kumakatay ng tao,mga kumakantang pari,mga hasyindero ng hayop,mga otistik,etc.

    itoy padala sa mga tunay na Pilipino:

    P.S. ito ang code ng impluwensiya

  20. Phil. Army, lahat ng pinoy na pantasyang palabas ay gawing computer game.Amen Air-fox
    also subukan niyo din yung buhay ni Rizal,Ni Gat Jose Rizal at yung mga horror films at eraser heads sa kabilang mundo starring Ely Buendia at, yun lang; pronto! Kahit walang bayad yung tama lang! Bibili ako paguwi! Hintay lang. Hanggat may hininga aabot din! Promise?

    At kung natanggap niyo yung lahat ng dentalye? Thankyou.

  21. connie f PEREZ says:

    paano ko po makuha ang proper information ng isang military, active military po sya tapos sabi po nya sosyo po kami sa security agency business, nabigay na po ako ng worth 1,000,000.00 peso nuong 2006 pa hanggang ngayon wala syang maipakita na business sa akin, kaya gusto ko pong malaman ang proper information nya kasi mag sasampa ako ng complain,

  22. st. luke says:

    activate mind process sniper marines no war code 10% sell the belongs to church in christ alone!

    – Welemina Panis…

  23. says:

    disabled = pray feel select in jesus’name… i love you
    10,0000 …saved

    “so help me God”

  24. Marittes Jarligo says:

    Good afternoon, Paano po ang pagkuha ng Posthumous order?

  25. Michelle bless carranza says:

    hi ask ko LNG po delayed ba any allotment ngyon

    • Michelle bless carranza says:

      delayed po ba and allotment ngyon

      • co/ armies this is Red fox : Mylene h. Lim 2017-american/westerntime+3stars&sun
        send money to the clinton’s
        – send regards to san juan’s
        Marcos Era
        We are , we are – …9765465…launch it

        co-armies= think about duterte’s time,tikas pahinga lang sabi ng presidente
        co-armies : it’s all about our country! Kung ayaw nila sa bansa yaan mo-
        – P.S. ang army sa america (Pilipino) ay nagkakaroon ng tagas!
        Kalat pa rin ang HIV at aids ingat
        – dahandahan lang sa paginmom ng gamot
        – iwasan niyo ang maoperahan,hanggat maari,natural living at natural foods,no chemicals- ARMIES- i think 9/11 coming was a fake, how could the box plane
        hit the glass: buhay pa si bin laden,nanganganib ang buhay ni joma sison
        There is still war on iraq, my concern-pull out an army
        – America just bomb mexico-
        Dont jail me for this letter, i am your brother /code : bin laden is an allie of america
        Pres. Duterte, jail the chemist who makes illegal drugs, jail the abortionists
        – Be patient with war freaks,Army holds, as much as possible free not kill
        army intelligence: discern, make godly army equipment.That’s all!

        from Mylene h Lim- Red fox sending dial tone, army cargament
        We don’t need war, we need freedom and conscientious living,
        Rule of war: This is just one life: surrender your knowledge to our earth.
        i rebuke that blindness armies i rebuke it! It’s not about religion or trusting jesus!
        It’s about understanding, patience,brotherhood and truth,unless we don’t
        have it, there will never be Philippines?
        from: Mylene h. Lim -red fox 2000’s President’s militant.Amen.

    • 2017 = No Ordinary Time 3 – stars in the sun

      To the head Army,

      Well it’s too late to return in the true spot!The cammaradiry demands bearance. The
      obedience! Everything is a gamble. The predispose argument still hunts! It’s been a recluse
      to protect our people! Wether we like or not, we must ask the presence of God in every
      Let the count of holiness mould us as armies of God! Today, our source of hope is
      the (faith of our president)! To be consecrated. There is no real war except if we let death
      control us! As your comrade soldiers, I am praying for your soul to accept christ to be your
      Lord and Savior. That is what I discerned in our cammaradiry of the president!
      Think about this, every denial of christ’s blood is place in the hell’s fire of our soul!
      Comrades, listen to me! This is not a game, we are fighting for the kingdom of God!
      Our president is now saved! He accepted the Lord! He is now a born again christian!
      For those who will really prove christ’s cross, thankyou comrades! Don’t be scared!
      Maybe you don’t feel it but you are really saved! Remember Satan is to steal, kill,
      and destroy! Let the Holy spirit control you! Worship Him in spirit and truth! Many have
      crossed that river before! Army fathers please save the soul of your family, through
      Jesus Christ! He will never leave us nor forsake us! Our duty is to save souls in war!
      Create disciples! Jesus is counting on the president and the armies! Pray at all times!
      Be submissive to your wives! The enemy roars like a roaring lion looking to devour!
      If you got this message & receive christ; (welcome to the family) read NIV bible!
      This is my love letter to the president and my co-armies.
      P.S. this letter is garbled, please analyze!

      Lee Lim, Philippine Flag

      • Army book publishers, this is a message=

        2017Duterte.Bathala Flag

        > Amuleta ni Dr. Jose Rizal

        > Fairytale ng Pilipinas

        > Bundok Apo

        > Ang Mystery ni Lolo Ingkong

        > Ang Pananakop sa Baralila

        = Airfox

  26. Charish Sharief says:

    Hi po. Ask ko lang po if may kilala po ba kayong Ammer Sta. Ana Sharief? Father ko po kasi sya. Matagal ko na po syang hinahanap almost 18 years na. Nasa Philippine Army po sya. Paki contact naman po ako if ever na may kakilala po kayo. this is my number 846-8947 or email me at thanks po.

  27. saudimar barri says:

    can hard of hearing allowed to join phil army plss give me a feedback thank you

    • Lee Lim says:

      Codes and work places:partridges 2017- Lim Family- contribution as a Filipino citizen

      – ito and mga hindi pa ginagawa o bagong diwa+

      – Sticker stamps
      – water in can
      – fruit juices in plastic jug

      – Different and new texture of cakes
      – new temperature of fire cooking

      – New hardware for cooking
      – New stereo of camera picture
      – new food oil mixture
      – New planting system(cropping)
      – New sports allowance
      – New army system and beliefs(commands and movements)
      – New architecture of houses
      – New airforce(air atmosphere)

      – New Filipino time
      – KKK law
      – New Land Circumference
      – = itong mga sinulat ko ay mga bagay na pwedeng isakatuparan o bagong
      riyalidad ng aktividades o pambansang kalakal-

      Salamat! Mabuhay and lupang Malaya!
      Lee Lim-Dial Tone=Filipino

  28. hindi po ako naka withdraw kanina kasi daw po naka hold daw po sa afp ang account ko please paano ba ito?anu po ba gagawin ko?

  29. Lee h. Lim says:

    Run the Race! February 27,2015

    We go tired in this life! Life’s obstacles lead us to baggage.
    We are to rescue delays and problems often make us weary!
    Today let us stand in faith that our labor has significance! God called us
    for a higher purpose! We must not loose hope!
    I am surely convicted that our Lord will bless those who labor for his
    plans and purpose! The race he has instilled for each and every one of us must have
    been difficult but the prize is worth awaiting! So let us be enthusiastic and
    joyful in these walks we have!
    Bro. Lee – a cost for christ

  30. Lee h. Lim says:

    January 2015, 29
    As a soldier we are committed too to christ!>

    We rule in all equality in this profession! We sacrifice for others!
    We teach and give gifts to the substancial! We are expected to lead and set
    living examples! We have a leader to obey and justify in all perrogatives
    and recursions!
    But there is a command we are chained in doing. It is our commitment to the Lord Most high!
    We are committed to do his will even in our work being a soldier! We wear an attire of christ to save souls in every way! We have an obligation to preach in this small opportunity called to us as an army! We are given a special favor to set, cultivate and restore and bring a harvest to the lord as much as we can! We are not soldiers only for the world but of God’s!
    It’s a promise to comprehend and pay respect of the duty allowed for such a time that we
    must be committed!
    Bro. Lee;- a cost for christ

  31. lordian santos says:

    namatay po papa q na retired army,, 2rd IB,,,panu po mgprocess ng claims

  32. a comment by Filipino!

    signed by: Lee Warren h. Lim
    code by: eLee of slowstart

  33. Dear Airforce,

    The documents about those messages in Army comment page was punched by Lee Lim, but in the scope of Ronaldo H. Lim! He was the one responsible for the draw and marketing! If you hear this message , give an account to him! I am just a student progressively working for the govt. With no bias and fully pledge Ronaldo H. Lim is my uncle living in Las Pinas around their subdivision or house village! Just for a proof of the heresy and legal compliment! That is the up grant and restitution! If you asked , I am Lee Warren H. Lim his nephew of the third generations of Lim. Or either i submit it to Princian P. Lim my cousin, his son! For the record, thank you!
    Another thing to prove this documents and iterinaries call me 213-568-3242 intnl. local number USA L.A. California. Local time. Congratulations and God bless! This is not a tripped, I wanna serve the country!

  34. ariene jade bolanon says:

    i want join the arm forces of the philippine but im not finish my study because financial problem but i have a nc 2 certificate of automotive servicing nc 2

    • strongholds of the president-

      word of God=>

      Blessings and long life to all filipinos!Amen!
      Pinoy man o banyaga ay mahal ng diyos. Ang tunay na diyos!
      Kung iisipin, ang pera ay parang diyos subalit ay nakakaloko!
      Sa huling buhay, Diyos at ikaw ang magiisa,Amen!

      Panginoon dalangin ko ay makita namin ang iyong utos at
      kapangyarihan para sa aming bayan,Amen!
      – sniper=Lee Lim-dial tone

    • lee lim says:

      sniper- Lee Lim -dial tone-Philip. flag, under president Marcos till president. Duterte

      sir-possible for our country->

      = new temperature
      = more deaths
      = animal rebellion
      = more animal poisoning
      = north,west, eastern southern syncopation
      = grass ligament alteration
      = more diseases
      = mure blood mutiliation-criminality
      = changes,cross spherical soil movement
      = Fog sentiments

      = Human Mind=
      = Gate
      = in toxic
      – superb
      = high estimated thinking
      = madness
      = possible insanity
      = literal insanity
      = dreamy
      = self cost of death

      = I propose to focus on christianity
      to be able to advance christian studies and learning>

      = Earth core is reacting
      = the effect is uprootment of land wind and water wind
      = =

      This is my solution
      = just love the world and exist
      = do not put your law in your life
      – enjoy
      and solemnly pray

      = spiritual terms
      = the re is worship, offering, confession and consecration till now

      =Dont entertain satan,battlehis demons,consider respect as in the brotherhood