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95 Responses to PEOPLE’S JOURNAL

  1. ROMMEL ALONTE says:

    May I ask if you have an employee named MARJORIE SISON.

  2. Charito nunezb says:

    Same they also called me.. pero sabi nila from civil service naman sla

  3. ARNOLD says:

    Please refer to People’s journal issue dated April 29, 2016. The entire pages are almost covered by an advertising information from Energy Regulation Commission which for me as an avid subscriber and reader of this tabloid for so many years now is unfair. The substance of the news was taken for granted. I know for sure that you get your fund from those advertisement, but please not to detriment the interest of your readers.

  4. Naxor says:

    Please confirm if you have employee named Kathrina Reyes she said shes from your Publication department with tel#294-7709, she just called me that you will post something against me.

  5. judy says:

    Good day People’s Journal. I was called by your staff name PAULA VILLANUEVA and ang sabi ipapublish daw ang name ko together with the company’s name which i worked with. I have a criminal complain DAW file against with me. I need to confirm if these persons are belong to your office? Kasi tumawag din sila sa hr Dept. namin. They are threatening me…Please help. Thanks po…

    • David says:

      Kalokohan po yan Ma’am galing sa Home Credit yan. nag punta ako mismo sa HR ng People’s Journal. wala daw Ganong pangalan na Employee nila! mag pa file na kami ng demand sakanila pati People’s Journal nag report na sa Police.

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