Villamor Airbase, Pasay City

PAF Contact Numbers:

+632 845-9555, +632 854-6720, +632 854-6732

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  1. lee lim says:

    PAF- exclusively for Filipinos=this is my thin king and opinion, You might do something about it:>

    by: Airfox- lee lim of sta. ana manila-patinyo street

    = House designs
    -just think about it
    = 4 columned
    = fire typed
    = sapphire
    = ringed
    = rounded
    = open circular birtched
    = warehoused
    = squared selective typed
    = unwritten
    = precursor
    = steel connection
    = 10 feet strolled
    = bent asked
    = computerized
    = long grafted
    = free ride
    = road type
    = spanish typoe
    = Inglatera type
    = soft ply type
    = Vegan type
    = House office type
    = Purple shade/shape
    = Domino
    = Home electiric type
    = Needle type
    – I know what I’m talking about
    I am using a public computer in America sending this. I am not stealing!
    And also i think America doesn’t want us to progress! These are marine codes or let say marine language. I am from san Beda; semi marines/ semi- seminary.

    Possible Pinoy gameboards-

    – Hula
    Kaluluwang Ligaw
    – Paglalakbay
    = Sundalo
    – Espiya
    = sindikato
    = Pananakop
    = Clown
    = Magic
    = Kampana
    = Kampanilya
    – Mandirigma
    = The Earth
    = Killing Fields
    = The priest’s sword
    = Witch’s hunt
    – Angels and Demons
    = Spy
    = The Fire Knights
    = The chancellor
    = Hypnotika
    = Sirens
    = The Pirate’s Captain
    = The Flood
    = Manlalayag
    = Superstitious
    The Blank Ink
    = JUan Dela cRuz’s Magic
    = KUmbento
    = etc.

    = POSSIBLE=Army scout identity platform

    – Train a/an:cultivate an experty

    = army knight
    = private army chancellor
    = army spy
    – army rook
    = army psg’s
    = army paratrooper
    = army engineer/buildings and hammers
    = army electrician
    – army chef
    = army chemists(plants and minerals)
    =army / walks- those who are able to move in the city.FLAG PHILIPPINES
    = army public school teachers
    = army prayer warriors
    = Army field engineers
    = army air and land mailman
    = army farmers
    = army priests
    POSSIBLE new age Games/computers and literatures

    = Sabadista
    = Mang Kepweng
    = Mangkukulam
    = Estados Unidos
    = Likido
    – Ang Unang Pagsibol
    = Habagat
    = Bingwit
    = Singgalong
    = Akda
    = Impyerno
    = Susi ng Langit
    – Samuray
    = Lakandula
    = 7 kapangyarihan
    = Mangbabarang
    = Hipnotiko
    – Espada ni Raha Soliman
    = The Black Mountain
    = Ikatlong Mata

    POSSIBLE Christian studies=books
    – The last christ
    – The first Creation
    = Sword of the spirit
    = The Death of the disciples
    = Trembling Word
    = The Real Word
    = Fix your eyes
    =author and Perfector of faith
    = Can followers of christ kill?
    = Behind Enemy Lines
    = Hypocrite
    The Forgotten soul
    = In the mill
    the son of satan
    = Not Baptized
    = 2nd hand christians
    = “Where is christ?”
    = Sin is a sin
    = Son of a devil
    = The real christ
    = Tinapay ng Buhay
    = Kanino ka magtitiwala
    = Wlang hanggang buhst
    = ika- 9 na tos
    = Ilaw ng langit
    = Espiya ni satanas
    = Dugong Binayubay
    = Magtiis
    = Paglilingkod
    = Lampara
    = BUgtong na Nanak
    = Huling Habilin

  2. Paf. 2018 Falcon’s crest : constitutional work- exclusively for Philippines->
    – This came from a Filipino native:Bisaya po ako!
    = possible movie anthems

    = a movie about:

    – Filipino vampires
    = try to produce home grown Filipino fairytales
    = Philippine scenery since end times
    = dark ages in the Philippines
    = the fall of christianity in the philippines
    = out break epidemic in the philippines
    = fiction of a 3rd world war in the philippines
    = desert storm in the philippines
    = cerebellum experiment: inventive science movie
    = movie about soldiers painted in the course of Philippine armies
    = sci-fi alien make belief in filipino forum injunction
    – a pinoy vampire
    = atomic war in the Philippines
    = A foreign sniper inside the Philippines plane- action movie and coastal rebellion
    = year 4000, future Philippines
    = a sniper in a mediterranean coast
    = romance movie about a teacher nun and a seminary student
    = about adventure of pinoy computer hackers

    = Possible pinoy toys-

    = children’s crossword puzzle
    = Tagalog children’s coloring book
    = Pinoy superheroe dolls and action figure

    = Possible designs of shoes and dresses=TATAK PINOY2018

    = bellbottomed shoes
    = Greek style shoes
    = egyptian cleopatra shoe design

    = rugged girl shoes
    = smithsonian girl’s shoes
    = rubicks type
    = underpaved
    = open typed
    = carnival typed
    = brown leather
    = girl’s monastic typed
    = Indian type(INDIA)
    = The witch’s type
    = steel leather typed
    = anchored
    = lazed
    = turfed
    = open gallery
    = leather clothe weaved
    = POSSIBLE computer GAMES- Philippines

    = Karera
    = Si Pilandok
    = Kawig
    = Galleon
    = Expidisyon
    = Moske
    – Bulalakaw
    = Anting-anting
    = Ang Lihim ng Pulang Rosas
    = Ang Unang Mandirigma
    = Higante sa Pulo
    = Starsky
    = Black Cat
    = Swords of Valion
    = Benediction
    = The Priest’s Sword
    = Haiku
    = God’s Ninja
    – Faith Healer
    = Under Degree
    – Vertical Limit
    – The Trek
    = Unsung Heroes
    = The Red Blood Moon
    = Werewolves
    = Not of this world

    = Possible Christian computer Games

    = The Disciple’s Journey
    = Not by Power
    = The Holy Grail
    = The blood
    = Eternity
    = Simon’s Quest
    = The Demons
    = The Ark of David
    = The Last Israelite
    = End Times
    = Saul’s Blindness
    – The Egyptian God
    = Babylonian War
    – Angels & Demons
    – Redemption
    = The Anti-christ
    = Sent
    = The Calling
    – War of the Heavens
    = The oracle’s misfit
    = Apostle’s Creed
    = The Armies of Vatican

    = Philippine airforce think of me that i am in the country and try to process it!
    by: Lee Lim – Airfox2018under Philippine’s oath-pres. Duterte

  3. lee lim says:

    PAF p.s. TAG : HARD COPY -exclusively for country Philippines
    – food experiments

    – choc. cake with cherry wine
    -pork shagetti
    = chicken spaghetti
    = egg sphag.
    = cornbeef lugaw
    = mango pinnacolada
    = ubnriped mango pinnacolada
    = banana fruit cake
    = grape bread
    = grape banana bread
    – grape banana cake
    – minatamis na buko with sago
    – beef soup
    – shrimp soup\from the scratch or maybe bullion
    = garlic olive oil bread
    – walnut loaf bread
    – cashew loaf bread
    – cheese liquid( food flavorings)
    = olive leaf liquid(food seasoning)

    -cartridges- and designs
    – Mahiwagang espada
    – Balon
    =- Multo
    – Alapaap
    – boy kuryente
    – kababalaghan
    – Black Magic
    – The Witche’s Hat
    – Serpents
    – Sheet of wolves
    – The Dead Army
    – The silencer
    – The Begotten Son
    – The Underworld
    – The Wall
    Possible Spiritual Catholic book
    English AND TAGALOG

    = The Math of the bible
    – The Circumcision
    – The god of Abraham,Isaac & Jacob
    – the altar light
    – Angels unto men
    -Dead to rise
    – Studying the Ressurrection of jesus christ
    -” What it means to be born again!”
    = the Brian vs. Faith
    – The sinner accord. to christ
    – No Condemnation
    = Law vs. Grace

    2018@- by:lee lim= Airfox under Pres. DutertePHILIPPINE FLAG

  4. For my belove3d country: …..Pilipinas Haaaay!

    = Possible Food delicacies

    – ginataang camote
    = yema mais
    = mais cake
    = mais cake
    = lechong manok
    = barbecue marinated manor
    = chicken tapa
    = porkbarbecue
    = pork tapa
    = barbecue tilapia
    with onions
    =milk taho
    = oatmeal with corn
    = mango ginataan(dessert)
    = ginataang manok
    = fruit flavored biscuits
    = pinaghalong ube at tsokolate(dessert)
    = fish barbecue
    = beef omelette
    = beef stew w/ quail eggs
    = mocha cake w/ pineapple
    = chicken pizza plain
    = chorizo w/ bacon pizza
    = ube bitso
    =pork and beans sandwich

    = New Filipino recipes
    = tsitsarong manok
    = palitaw na sapin-sapin
    = keso sapin-sapin
    = chewy homemade Filipino cookies
    = pinky original vegetable sphaGETThI
    -fish guisado bagoong
    = chicken guisado bagoong
    = ginasang talong at bagoong
    = kinilaw na tanigue
    = hash brown fish
    = puto cake
    =giantaang coconut meat(dessert)
    =milk chocolate bar
    = cheese bread waffled
    = milk based waffle

    = chicken barbecue sandwich
    = pandesal sardines sandwich
    = catfish barbecue
    = butter bread
    = sugar bread
    = ice-cream with corn
    = ice-cream-coconut meat

    =possible ZPinoy COMPUTER GAMES

    = tadhana
    = Juan Derla Cruz
    = Prinsipe
    = Black Book
    = Siglo
    = Antennae
    = Letratista
    = Cubrador
    = Pandayan
    = Sikatuna
    = Flying Goat
    = Black Forest
    =- Pinoy Gladiator
    = Momentum
    = Espiritista
    = pinoy Eskimos

    = Pinoy Christian Books

    = the warriors gospel
    = The Hidden Manna
    = Clouds of witness
    -= the searching of God
    = Called
    = The Filipino Priest
    = Archs and angels
    = Heaven’;s music
    = Heaven’s melody
    = Dead but living
    =the cost’;s of christ
    – the separation
    =old beliefs, new way
    3 Father’s in heaven
    = Momentarily christian
    = the door to eternity
    = Flights of Faith
    = Seeing the real God
    =Keys to God
    = I believe in you now
    = Ang krus ni Bathala
    = Ang sampung utos
    =Walang Buhay
    = Wika Niya
    = Kalinga Niya
    – Ang Unang Salita
    = Ang Unang Salita
    = Eternalidad
    = ang Unang Hentil
    = Tunay na Diyos
    = Ang Mga Hudyo
    = Magtiwala
    = May bukas pa
    = nasa Paanan ni kristo
    = Sambahin!, Pagpala
    = Ang Takot ng Diyos
    = Gumising Ka
    = Ngayon ang TamaNG PANAHON

    =by bWilhelmina , friend of airfox= Lee Lim 2018- constitutional submittance by and by!
    Under Philippine oath towards President Duterte

  5. lee lim says:

    Philippine airforce guards here are tripping on me City police is being bias, I can’t fight them because the law is with them! Can you send Philippine military academy to give them a blow?
    Thank you->
    From airfox: lee lim
    = their age is between 17-45, aliens , magicians,demons ,mutants and christians!
    Help me! Thankyou! Not a trial by court but a trial by fire!

  6. Those message are sedulas!:
    sent by lee-a katipunero, a KKK – batang katipunero-.2018
    madrigal clan/bisayas.amen

  7. Devotion since being a christian warrior:address to the army! 2018Philippine flag

    This 2018 being aFilipino is a test!But, more to bother is the mind giving in love!
    Not all the time you are strong! The desire of the lord is to do his will! In any bracket or uniform in living, we have to make a choice to be good and sacrificial!
    Only the lord can judge the matters of the heart! Don’t wrestle to bent upon a loss!
    There is no excuse in the presence of God! This new year let us start in the beginnings of God!
    The source is God! Be faithful and courageous of yourself proving the worthiness in Him!
    We are battling not of this world but to won a life and soul for God!

    – Amen.

  8. lee h. Lim says:

    Filipino food:Bedista work
    : contribution of san bead since Philippines by Lee lim(bedan) of san beda manila
    New Recipes and Invention
    – tuna pie
    -karne-norte pie
    – chocolate pie
    – sweet-paste cheese pie
    -= ovaltine milk powder drink
    = lumpia balls
    -skyflakes chichirya(junk food)
    -chinese lumpia(pork)
    -Juan delacruz(burger & fries) -sandwhich store
    -sweet sampaloc with salt
    =hepatitis vitamin-c
    -Estrogen bay food(milk powder)
    – Red Lights sports car
    -Puzzle sticks(puzzle toy)
    -condor motorcycle
    -automobile crane vehicle machines(auto-type)
    – sesame noodles(cracker & pasta) ,cheese flavor lasagna
    -calderata flavor lasagna
    nacho flavor lasagna
    – meat & coleslaw-appetizer
    -picture notebook
    –notebook for stickers
    – aqua marine toys
    -shrimp w/ cheese burger(sandwich)
    – suman and chocolate
    -pancake(coffee flavor)
    -sci-fi Filipino movies
    – Alien Filipino0 movies
    -jello and nuts(gelatin and nuts)

    – new water sports
    -Pinoy olympics-new sports rally
    -sweater socks
    -sun-dial watches
    -gasoline lamp bulb lampshade
    -plastic tetrapak-new containers
    -carton foam mixes-new container
    -salami,cheese chorizo pizza
    -chinese style pizza

    Phil. Army cargament
    lee lim of san beda manila:>
    = our contribution

    =ice cream cake
    -Army food cookies
    -steel whistle pipe
    =Army breakfast pancakes
    =whistle bomb
    -0Army meat& rice dinners
    =digital boxed bomb
    -Army food desserts
    -water laced bombs
    -Army daily beverages
    -water text bullet proof body wear armory
    – army clock
    = army night snack
    = Emergency gun wound syringe medication
    -Army telescope
    -Public police paratrooper vehicle
    – Mission’s sniper camera-for recording san beda -lee lim
    – 2-pad jet air-force
    airfore jungle sniper equipment
    -Air cargo missions(cargo plane)
    – Phil. emergency plane
    = Phil. Disaster plane
    -Phil. Orbituary plane
    -laser based plane
    -Monitoring plane via radar
    -sniper plane
    = Air PSG-plane escort= escort plane of Philippine Air force 1

    = fire lock jet planes
    -Auto set off-emergency lift
    – Air stems
    – plane Air shield
    – air emergency fire coding
    = air system’s breaker

    O-PMA top gun by lee lim of San Beda Manila

    – Jet sniper=pilot sniper
    = City sniper- sniper in a city
    -Word processee= expert in explaining meaning
    – Science scientist= a scientist that handles science
    -Future Navigator
    =person who sees or visions the future
    – =food technologist
    – Pastor >chosen by god to baptize souls
    – brain expert- physical, counsels brain’s negative fusion
    – christians teacher=teaches/human training
    -Relations officer=expert in talkings
    – Draw Architect- specializes in computing basic box and detail architecture
    – Doctor- chosen by God to heal the dead and dying

    – coming from A Bedan:Lee Lim,San Beda College>manila- That in all things God maybe glorified! Sir, Malakas kayo sa amin!Lee Lim(cub)

  9. Phil. Flag: 2017 dec.
    =dial tone
    – Lee Lim

    – Cobra
    – Iron Fist
    – chevrollet
    – The dragon
    – I.N.R.I.
    – Scepter
    – Iron
    – tripple- x
    – Mirrage
    – CODE

    – sports Helicopters

    – I want you to visualize this code and create the meaning of this codes seen in
    the reality of the said helicopters. Thankyou, in the name of president. Rodrigo Duterte+
    – truly yours :- Airfox
    – passing this to Military school-/-. Philippine Military Academy,camp John Hay
    give it to a Marine chancellor or a sniper! Thankyou! any time sir, any time-!-

    -> For the sake of the son of juan delaCruz1981-2017

  10. Sir Airforce and Philippine Commerce :

    – those are monastic works
    – this is Lee Lim of San Beda 1997
    Thankyou & god bless= That In All Things God May Be Glorified,ora et labora
    code : dead hungry

  11. lee lim says:

    2017 citizen’s contribution-under President. Duterte’s term

    – New Age game boards- Philippines-games for kids and adults=
    – espiritista
    – manghuhula
    – ang bayan?
    – KKK
    – Pintados
    – Multo
    – Ang Paglalayag ni GAT Jose Rizal
    – Pirata
    – Ang Simbolo
    – Babaeng Mahiwaga
    – Bulking Mayon
    – 1941
    – Unang Pagsibol
    – Letratista
    – Pagsakop
    – etc.
    – nais kong maipicture niyo and titulo ng laro sa
    kahulugang lark na game board. Ang disenyo
    ay nakaukol sa kahulugan ng salita! Kung ano ang
    big sabihin ay fun din and sanaysay. Salamat!

    – Mga laruang pinoy
    – Rubber puzzle-lubid na puzzle
    – Picture draw- drawing na panghuhula
    – Castle to castle-concept of war in kingdoms-like games of the general
    – etc.
    – spy game
    – hunting treasure
    – the haunted-ghost hunting
    – Anting-anting
    – The preacher’s cross
    – Saving the president
    by Lee Lim 2017 pres. Duterte


  13. Jesus Christopher cadabuna says:

    Sir/ma’am gusto ko LNG po malaman yun things na dadalhin for exam

  14. Alexandra Kintanar says:

    I am from Cebu, I am contacting you in behalf of my son who submitted his filled up application form with attached requirements to PAF Mactan Benito Ebuen Airbase, Lapulapu City, Cebu. The original schedule of entrance exam. was on Sept. 9, 2017 but it was postponed without a definite date. I called today, the PAF Ebuen base but the telephone was busy, called there more than 10x this morning. So, I came across this website, let me ask what is the new schedule for entrance exams, particularly in Cebu? Thank you

  15. Mary christine fidel says:

    Good pm po gusto ko sana hingi ng advice abt our documents in your office

  16. Angela Arden says:

    Hi. am trying to find out information about my Grandfather Lt. Andrew C. Douglas who was in the Air Force back probably in the 50s. Can you help with any history/info? Thank you,

  17. warren Pants says:

    please accommodate my aircraft fighter planes rerun routined outer layered infrastructure
    as it is this is my wildest guess: strike v gas engine
    water stuff oxygenated water cell drug gas
    box type air support gas
    booth Subs
    structure fast engine type water shoulder hold
    fast lane leather engine basket caste holder
    by army equipment no id.own referral 013202duterte’s stronghold spiritual side

  18. Dassyl f. Ibarra says:

    Contact this number 09107997922. Thank u

  19. Dassyl f. Ibarra says:

    Please email me

  20. Dassyl f. Ibarra says:

    Hello. Sir Good pm. Pwdi po humingi ng tulong namatay kc ung mother in law KO. Pedi po bang maisakay ung kabaong nya.please Mr. Maawa po kayo.

  21. geno fanergo says:

    ma’am or sir, my flight po ba ang c1-30 papuntang Iloilo… kasi may emergency po ang kaibigan ko.. uwi sya ng Iloilo wala po kasi syang pampamasahe pauwi. baka po pwede makisabay siya sa c1-30 flight.. thanks po..eto contact no. ko 09087368687

  22. ryreson says:

    good day po pwd po ba mag apply college graduate..

  23. tem says:

    good day po sir pwede po bang mag apply ang senior highschool graduate po?

  24. tem says:

    good am sir tanong ko lang po kung tesda graduate is pwede nang mag apply bilang officer

  25. Reynan Requinto says:

    gusto ko po tala maging PAF pero d po ako nakapag college
    sana po pwede akong makapasok sa PAF . . dream ko po ito
    Reynan Requinto po ako taga cebu
    hito po number ko 09750142699

    • erick says:

      visit the


      sir/maam gusto ko pong mag PAF 72 units po ako sa college pwde po ba. saan kayo mag conduct ng examination magtanong lang po..gusto ko pong mag PAF
      BENJUDE I. VILLAGRACIA po pangalan ko tga zamboanga del norte
      cel ko po..09057581252

    • For the Philippines :
      – toge in can
      -Mexican sardines in can
      = cheese pasta in tetra pack
      =cheese paste in can
      = sweet potato in can
      = carrots in water in can
      = green peas in soluble water in can
      = Dresses for people
      =shorts maong
      = woman’s pants linen
      =polo long sleeves for women
      = clean white polo
      w/ buttons for women
      =- Design polo shirts
      = abstract
      = light color
      = apparel
      = dark color
      TOYS for children
      = ABC building blocks
      = Building blocks puzzle
      = Bug’s bunny collection
      = Knight’s figurine action figure
      = Juan dela cruz costume for kids
      = Juan delacruz action Figure
      =perdigana (chess board)
      = Dama (chess board)
      =looney tunes collection
      =star wars-cards
      =Juan dela cruz tex cards
      =Pinoy monopoly
      = Pinoy pictionary

      Military Affidavit

      cons & probs
      =jeep car,airforce launch pad, tank refueling bus,Red cross ambulance, police motorcycles(MAZDA),sniper armored vehicle,sniper jeep Air transit vehicle
      Army(PHIL Flag)
      – road cranes
      cave bulldozer, Army gazette newspaper,Military bag,military bug,army shades(sunglasses, army anchor(army necklace)
      =Military missionary plane, army knife, army equipment clock, military books, Military Financial aide
      CODE Breaker> systems residents,Army video camp system, army arrows,
      Navy seal boat, Army grass roots
      -personal recorder, Army chewing gum,, Army face tattoo, Canister belt,Military mission uniform:Army attitude check
      Phil. Airforce planes=
      E.T.,F-20,U240-sniper jet plane,TOP gunII(shadow) Air bus,,Exerion,Phil. B-52
      Phil. F-16(camouflage)Rainbow

      Sige na Bro. Duterte gawin niyo,pls.
      Airfox-Lee Warren h. Lim,son of Mylene h. Lim
      & Norman Luis Panis.(Filipinos) -a help towards Philippine economy
      Ito lang po ang aking ipaglilingkod.Mamamatay din ko, ito ang ang aking mapagiiwanan
      at alay ko sa lupang tinubuan at buong mundo.Salamat po!Pakibayaran ako.Disabled na ko,
      ito ang aking resolution! I love you Philippines!Amen

  26. Marco V. Legaspi says:

    Good day! Paano po sumali?

    • Army weaponry Philippines: Pang tao lang na pangawa, Pawirduhan lang and design,Magdasal kayo kay bathala, Kumausap ng Prayle,Balikan ang mga bayani, Isipin ang kaligtasan, Isipin ang salbasyon sa mundo=>
      P.S.- Lahat tao ay nabubulagan sa pangyayari. Magisip ng practical! Ang sabi ng presidente ay, -ang tunay na militar ay hindi porma,pala-kasan, kung hindi blank——-,
      “alam niyo na yon!”.-magsimula sa pagibig.Naway tulungan tayo ni Ka Lorenzo Ruiz=>

      =>Lee Warren h. Lim=Dial tone

    • lee h. lim says:

      Philippine flag,paano ko malalaman kung young detalye ay may posibilidad na ginagawa niyo?
      Hindi laro yon! Realidad yon!Maaaring nagdedemand aka o naguutos pero yun ang pagkakaintindi na pagtulong o kontribusyon o trabaho?
      Kung makikita niyo yung vision sa sinusulat ko, yun nayon?
      Malapit na kong mamatay,yun yung iiwanan ko sa inyo na alaala yung nabubuhay ako!
      Kaya kong patunayan na ako ang gumawa non at hindi ko kinopya!Thankyou!
      – Lee Lim -dial toneOctober2017I salute to Philippine Flag and
      China Flag.Amen

  27. Hi good day! Tanong ko LNG po sana king San o kanino pwde mkipagusap tungkol sa mga business proposal po kc kme.salamat po!

    • lee lim says:

      Philippines : How are you: There are no killing in America nowadays since trump, the bombshells are created by lunatics or demon possessed!@ Our natives are having sex with the foreign men, they don’t have license, Not permitted by the Filipino priests,
      Questions what is my report since the Filipinos here in western u.s.!
      – Dial tone

    • Army tool board :
      How to make airplanes
      – shaft, balancing text, etc.
      = how to make Boats?
      = Sea deck, stirring wheel, boat tire, emergency raft
      =How to make: air shield>etc.
      = how to make automobiles
      = controller, gas,balance seat
      = how to make:
      = wheel military steering wheel and passenger movable seat
      = how to make housing
      – table n4 concrete, roof and oxygen tank level
      = how to cook:
      = cook the meat, add flavoring, soften the hunt, etc.
      how to make amplifiers-
      =energy reserved, battery cord, microphone echo,
      how to make pens-
      = pen housing, writing entry flow, etc.
      – how to make swords
      – hand guard, body,saw plymouth,etc,
      – how to make computers
      -brain data icee, etc.
      =how to make;
      gas energy drone:
      – h20 pt. . oil-liquid with water and charcoal dust.
      =How to make bridges:
      -road balance, steel ironing, etc.
      how to make credit cards
      – chip paper data:etc
      – Airfox -lee lim c/o Lee warren h. lim
      How to make missiles
      = air gut, launching pad,etc.
      how to make nuclear weapon
      – Red…sin…Horse= nuclear energy missile
      How to make atomic bombs>
      – Big Bad oxygen, Death Gas rocket, etc.
      =How to make medications
      = Liquid, or food natural food specimen:
      = How to make baby food:
      – Plant atom food, inhibitor. 2017 for Philippine Flag under President. Duterte

    • Ynnah my contribution to our country:
      by Wilhelmina Layug c\o lee lim= sniper dial tone
      2018 for Philippines
      – under Pres. Duterte
      – drugs
      -legal illegal drugs
      – fighting drugs
      – illegal rehabilitation center
      -tripping authorities
      -inborn hiv-positive people
      -mad scientists
      – strokers
      – Satanic priests
      -people with satanic spiritual powers
      = Possible human angels=demons creating or humans
      =illegal na census
      – robots w/ emotions
      – still present NAZIS
      -former gods
      -Satanic priests
      -lineages of war
      -abused people
      -goalish people
      -intelligent minds
      – basic christians
      – summoning people
      = satanic chancellors
      = poor people
      = uneducated
      = abnormal born people
      = not human elements
      = superstitious people
      = prisoners of war
      = enemy of Israel
      = teens with delayed puberty
      = lesbians
      – Male homosexuals

      COMRADES: remember Airfox: it’s me! I just change my
      title! I am the one who is using Barbies website!

      Flights listen to the president, brush your teeth, etc.

      We can hit china with time spot:decoration, & a real missile:2018Pres. Duterte

      Army sergeants at coast= have a bait=surround their sniper marines!

      Testing of Arsenals
      = point>click>explode
      Solar Antennae
      = 134345456
      Airfox sniping gear=
      you can be shot, wait for the flag, follow the law,Dont wear your army uniform=

      The Archipelagos routine
      = give him a grace of God
      = no cuts no surgery
      = Gun wound=Heal the wound
      = cleanse the main blood
      = drink water
      = temperature
      = give vegetables
      = movements
      = commit the patient to the lord
      = Psychological healing and counsel

  28. Zaforah says:

    Mahirap po ba makapasok dian???

  29. arvie says:

    Salute po Sa inyong lahat maam/sir, gusto ko pong malaman na pwede po bang maging PAF ang PNP SAF ang course??? Ako po si Arvie Espra

    • arvie says:

      Ito po number ko 09335564664

      • Cadete : padala ko yon. Pasensya na, feel ko lang talagang magarmy.
        Paki kamusta ko kay Guile at Juan dela Cruz and si Clark Kent says hi! okey lang siya!
        Yung mga detalye sa notebook, gawa ko yon! Gawa ni Dial tone! Yung mga
        pinapasa sa simbahan!Remember, yung mga food inventions at resumes!

        – Dial tone

    • Sir president; General : make haste>

      Gawa po iyon ng nanay ko! Lahat ay kinopya ko sa ledger niya! Inutusan niya akong
      isulat para sa notebook:para sa pilipinas>Ang pangalan po ng nanay ko ay Mylene h. Lim.
      From the start at pati na rin sa comment page ay gala ng nanay ko, inuulit ko lang!

  30. jay says:

    Hi good afternoon po sir &maam gosto ko lng malaman kung ano ang kailangan para makapasok sa PAF kasi gusto ko mag apply kaya lng hidi pa naka skl ng college ako pala si jay ponce mangompit 25 year old this comimg march 11

  31. darwin almine benitez balingbing says:

    gooday mam sir| kelan po ang examination ???salamat po

  32. lee says:

    I am sending you DETAILS!

  33. Lee says:

    Pls send disaster coordinating team! They need it in L.A. And also S.E. America! Take care flight!

  34. Oscar Canonigo says:

    Gud day sir/madam’
    Ano po bang gagawin pag ikaw ay ginamitan ng Remote Neural Monitoring “RNM” by Satellite Surveillance Technology at paano ba ito mapapahinto? 24/7 kci akong binubwiset ng mga Wireless n Gangstalker.

    • Const. work ATM.-Phil./ under Pres. Duterte P.S.”i am thinking that i am in the philippines when i’m making it!”and also this is my contribution as an army!@I am your =dial tone=
      sender Lee Warren h. Lim/son of Norman Panis & Mylene h. Lim

      Food invention>
      -papaya cake
      -watermelon cake
      -honey bread cake
      -cheese mamon
      -burger barbecue(roasted with onions, cheese)
      -blue cheese, sauce and pizza
      -chocolate sandwich
      -niyog sandwich cake
      -chinese pancit canton
      -grape beer
      -watermelon beer
      -chicken pizza
      -vegetable pizza
      -coffee brownies
      – coffee cake
      -mocha shake
      -buko shake
      -shrimp fishball
      -crab sandwich
      -shrimp and egg sandwich
      -ube sandwich
      -sweet mongo sandwich
      -honey and bread sandwich
      -beef baked macaroni
      -peanut butter and peanuts candy
      =coffee m&m’s
      -cheese pie
      -chocolate pie
      =mocha pie
      -strawberry pie
      -fish siopao

      -melon cake
      -strawberry cup cake
      = strawberry cake
      =coffee cake
      =peanut butter hot cake
      =peanut butter cake
      =barbecue tilapia
      -barbecue bangs
      =binagoongang bangus
      = corn rice
      =beef – steak
      -corned beef & catsup
      -ginataang talangka
      -milk bread
      -chocolate bread
      -pork sardines
      -beef sardines
      -tuna sardines
      -onion & tuna
      -barbecue tuna
      -tuna spaghetti
      -inihaw na shark
      -sweet cheese bread
      -coffee donut
      -mocha donut
      =vegetable soup
      -fish soup
      2017Phil.Flag,President Duterte

  35. leo says:

    good day,..pwd po bang mag tanong ako po ay graduate ng bachelor of science in information technology gusto ko po talagang pumasok ng officer sa air force, 24 years old na po ako february 7 po ung birthday ko, kailan po ba ung officer candidate examination?..pwd pa po ba ako?..salamat po

    • co-armies :

      Army work is just a career, even though: there is sin, conscience and karma!@ Moreover
      eternal welfare! What if a man gains the whole world and looses his own soul- aber-

      Bro.Lee – dial tone

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