Villamor Airbase, Pasay City

PAF Contact Numbers:

+632 845-9555, +632 854-6720, +632 854-6732

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  1. Angela Arden says:

    Hi. am trying to find out information about my Grandfather Lt. Andrew C. Douglas who was in the Air Force back probably in the 50s. Can you help with any history/info? Thank you,

  2. warren Pants says:

    please accommodate my aircraft fighter planes rerun routined outer layered infrastructure
    as it is this is my wildest guess: strike v gas engine
    water stuff oxygenated water cell drug gas
    box type air support gas
    booth Subs
    structure fast engine type water shoulder hold
    fast lane leather engine basket caste holder
    by army equipment no id.own referral 013202duterte’s stronghold spiritual side

  3. Dassyl f. Ibarra says:

    Contact this number 09107997922. Thank u

  4. Dassyl f. Ibarra says:

    Please email me

  5. Dassyl f. Ibarra says:

    Hello. Sir Good pm. Pwdi po humingi ng tulong namatay kc ung mother in law KO. Pedi po bang maisakay ung kabaong nya.please Mr. Maawa po kayo.

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