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    Good morning Sir/ Madam;

    I am the MCR From Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya. At the moment, I am preparing purchase request for the following Registry Books listed below. Kindly provide us the latest price list of the following items so we can facilitate the documents needed for our payment. Thank you.

    Mun.Form No. 110 Register of Court Decree/Order. P _________
    Mun. form No. 25 Register of Marriage P _________
    Mun.Form No. 27 Register of Death P _________
    Mun.Form No.111 Register of Legal Instrument P _________
    Mun. Form No. 100 Register of Applic. for M. License P _________
    Mun. Form No. 26-1 Register of Live Birth P _________

  2. Orlando Cabug of MSU -MSAT in Maigo , Lanao del Norte. my mobile phone number 09261174585 says:

    Good evening….I’m Mr. Orlando R. Cabug designated as the acting cashier of MSU-Maigo School of Arts and Trades, in Maigo, Lanao del Norte. I just want to know on the procedures to procure/purchase accountable form particularly official receipts or AC 51-C. I’m gladly waiting for your favorable response.

  3. beverly cabatuan says:

    baliangao protected landscape & seascape, DENR-PENRO, Oroquieta city:


    how to avail of the Official receipt with the name of the office on topmost of the O>R? what are the requirements? tnx

    beverly cabatuan
    protected area superintendent(pasu)
    baliangao protected landscape & seascape
    misamis occidental

  4. liza batas says:

    Good afternoon, we would like to inquire the procedure on how to procure and the latest price list of the following Registry Book for Local Civil Registry office here in San Miguel, Bulacan.

    – Register of Live Birth Municipal Form No. 26-1
    -Register of Marriage Municipal Form No. 25
    – Register of Death Municipal Form 27

    Thank you and we are hoping for your response.

    Liza G. Batas
    Clerk III
    Local Civil Registry office – SAN MIGUEL, BULACAN

  5. Balicuatro College of Arts and Trades says:

    we are one of the TESDA Schools from Northern Samar (Balicuatro College of Arts and Trades)..

    we would like to know the procedure on applying for the printing of Official receipts to be used for the entire TESDA offices and schools in Northern Samar.
    what are the requirements and where to apply…

    we are at present in a quandary on where to purchase OR because the Provincial Treasurer’s office has no longer entertain our purchase order for reasons unclear for us. they referred us to the local government office but they also rejected our purchase order.

    Sir/Madam, this is very urgent for the obvious reason that transactions in the cashiers office will be paralyzed or will be cut offed in the coming days. we only have remaining unused OR which is good only until this month..

    We will be thankful if this will be given your utmost attention..

    Accountant-TESDA BCAT