NLEX Compound, Balintawak, Caloocan City

NLEX Contact Number(s):

Customer Service Hotline: +632 35000; +632 580-8910;
Manila North Tollways Corporation: +632 479-3000


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  1. Ray Darwin B. Dantes says:

    mag kaka roon po ba ng service road ung gagawing expnasion na segment 8.2? thanks

  2. Edwin Liwanag says:


    Tanong ko lang po, kung may mga records po kayo ng mga car accidents dated july 28, 1993. sa may bandang nlex, mexico pampanga involving an owner type jeep ang dump truck.. thanksss

  3. Joseph D. Escaba says:

    Hi, we just had an accident 2 weeks ago, August 28, 2016 at around 3am in the morning. A piece of metal lying on the street was the cause of more than 8 accidents. We are all safe, but incurred a lot of expenses because of the damage it caused our vehicle. Is it possible to get a reimbursement from NLEX? Since it was purely a negligence on their part, not keeping the road safe.

  4. Mas maganda sana kung may globe, smart at sun CP hotline numbers pareho sa SCTEX. Dahil pag nasiraan o naaksidente di na kailangan may load pa o hahanap ng Landline para makatawag sa rescue in case of emergency. Salamat po.

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