NLEX Compound, Balintawak, Caloocan City

NLEX Contact Number(s):

Customer Service Hotline: +632 35000; +632 580-8910;
Manila North Tollways Corporation: +632 479-3000



  1. Concern Citizen says:

    NLEX has contact numbers, only landline. They have phone booth on the highway, but what if you don’t get up to the Phone booth? NO CELLPHONE NUMBERS?! We are on The Philippines and mostly people here use Cellphone, how can it be an Emergency Number if in case of “Emegency” you can’t easily contact the STATION???

    -Just asking why?-

  2. I would like to ask on how to apply permit on using NLEX. We are one of those trucking company and we have trucks, lowbeds, cranes, forklift and other heavy equipment and usually passing through NLEX gping to Subic, Zambales.
    Can you help us on how to apply permit.
    Thanks and God Bless.
    ROnnie G. Delgado from Brooksbrother Heavylift & Transport Services

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