Quirino Hiway corner Forest Hills Drive, Gulod, Novaliches, Quezon City

Meralco Contact Number(s):

+632 417-0277, +632 417-3561, +632 936-0859, +632 936-2313,
+632 937-9281


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  1. Eyam Bariuad says:

    Request for service asistance if ever. Our power source most of the time is always blinking and loss of light source but the outlet is working. Please I hope to send some asistance here. Thank you,

  2. Bernie G. Taladro says:

    Hi Good Afternoon!

    This is to clarify about the billing of Account 050959048-9 under the name of Alvin Bonito Edira. Your current reading is 19,641 kW consumed last month so our bill is 11k something. How comes it will come up with this? Our monthly bills is around 1k something only every month. When i check the “kontador” our reading as of Oct. 2 is only 18,082. Where did you get those figures?
    Sir/Mam, kindly work on this. There is something error in your reading.
    We do hope that you will give necessary actions for this matter.

    Thank you,

    Bernie Taladro
    Alecon Homes, Caloocan City

  3. Genevieve Biluan says:

    Kindly restore the electricity in #6 San Nicasio Gulod Novaliches QC under the account name of Mrs. Editha Licayan

    We paid the bill yesterday
    Thanks Godbless

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