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    From: Retired General Dado Valeroso
    Contact No.: Cell-09399121982;

    Y.O.U.’s General Dado Valeroso Offers Protection to Deguito and Others
    Senatorial Candidate Dado Valeroso, a retired PNP General who heads the reformist Young Officers’
    Union (Y.O.U.), yesterday said that the Y.O.U. is willing to provide 24/7 or 24-hours a day, everyday
    protection to Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) branch manager Maia Santos-Deguito and
    resigned assistant manager Angela Torres and their respective families so that they can tell the whole
    truth and nothing but the truth in the on-going investigations by the Senate and other government
    agencies into the $81-million money laundering scheme which was recently exposed in the tri-media.

    “The Young Officers’ Union is deeply disturbed by reports that the country is becoming, not only the
    global illegal drugs capital, but also the money laundering capital of the world and unless we enable
    people who can shed light about it to tell the truth by protecting them and their families, we will not be
    able to extract evidence and prosecute all those involved,” Valeroso said.

    “There are also reports reaching us that narco-politics and elaborate money laundering schemes are
    again rearing their ugly heads to finance the campaign of some candidates and the only way to expose
    who these candidates and their backers are, is to fully support those who may be willing to tell
    everything they know but are precluded from doing so merely because of fear for their and their
    families’ safety,” Valeroso added.

    Meanwhile, more and more retired and active-duty officers and their families have expressed whole-
    hearted willingness to vote for General Dado Valeroso of the Y.O.U. who is running and actively
    campaigning for Senator all over the country.
    – 30 –
    From: Retired General Dado Valeroso; Contact No.: Cell-09399121982;

    General Dado Valeroso Nag-alok ng Proteksyon Kina Deguito At Iba Pa
    Si Senatorial Candidate Dado Valeroso, isang retiradong Heneral ng PNP na Pangulo ng repormistang
    Young Officers’ Union (Y.O.U.), ay nagsabi kahapon na ang Y.O.U. ay handang magbigay ng 24/7 o 24-
    oras, araw-araw na proteksyon kina Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) branch manager
    Maia Santos-Deguito at sa nagbitiw na assistant manager Angela Torres at kanilang mga pamilya upang
    masabi nila ang buong katotohan tungkol sa $81-million na money laundering na nabulgar kamakailan
    ng tri-media.

    “Ang Young Officers’ Union ay lubhang nababahala sa mga ulat na ang ating bansa ay hindi lamang
    nagiging pandaigdigang kapital ng droga kundi pati na rin ng money laundering, at kung hindi natin
    mabibigyan ng proteksyon ang mga taong pwedeng magsabi ng totoo tungkol dito, pati na rin ang
    kanilang pamilya, ay hindi tayo makakakuha ng ebidensya at hindi natin mapapakulong ang mga
    nagkasala,” ayon kay Valeroso.

    “May mga ulat din na nakakarating sa amin na ang tinatawag na narco-politics at mga raket tungkol sa
    money laundering ay muling naglilitawan upang mapondohan ang kampanya ng ilang mga tiwaling
    kandidato at ang tanging paraan upang mabulgar kung sino-sino ang mga kandidatong ito at kanilang
    mga taga-suporta ay bigyan ng todong tulong ang mga gusto sanang magsabi ng lahat ng katotohanan
    ngunit natatakot lamang para sa kanilang seguridad at seguridad ng kanilang pamilya,” dagdag pa ni

    Samantala, parami pa ng parami ang mga retirado at nasa aktibong serbisyo na mga militar at pulis ang
    nangangakong iboboto sa pagka-Senador si Heneral Dado Valeroso ng Y.O.U.
    – 30 –