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  1. good afternoon po I just want to clarify from your office pertaining to the executive order 203 recently signed by president aquino regarding the cpcs under section 7 stating therein that under the new cpcs all employees may voluntarily opt to availl of the Early Retirement Incentive program is their a cut off age or can we avail of that program even if we have been reorganized and restructured and not affected by the reorganization or restructuring.or our position has not been declared redundant.

    thank u and more power

  2. Neil Aldrin S. Raymundo says:

    Good day, I have been trying to transact business with the National Livelihood Development Corporation (NLDC, specifically, to lease part of its Metro Mart Complex as anchor tenant, to no avail. It’s been almost 2 months and the basic property documents I requested have yet to be given to me. I am wondering if the Governance Commission can look into this potential case of “inefficiency”. Furthermore, the Metro Mart Complex is being tenanted by small business whose nature of operations as well as the products and services are not related to its core business or mandate. Perhaps, the Governance Commission can look into these in line with its own mandate of rationalizing GOCCs. Finally, the NLDC and its key officers have been linked to the pork barrel scam and this is probably getting in the way of efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of public service.

    I hope you will be able to address this.

    Thank you.