16/F Pacific Center, San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

ERC Contact Number(s):

+632 689-5372 (Trunkline), +632 689-5343, +632 631-5816 (Fax)

+632 689-5338, +632 687-5544 (Fax)


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  1. Danny says:

    Team good morning! report 2 street light pole # DN4 0029 , S L in front of house # 1006 sta catalina st sn antonio binan laguna

  2. Fe CASABUENA says:

    Honorable Madam,
    We write with serious apprehension over our Meralco billing anomalies that constantly occur in the form of extra charges over and above our regular billing. We pay our regular billings each month as billed by Meralco but they consistently try to charge an extra P24,000.00 or so per month in adjustment charges claiming approval by the ERC. Our house is a very small single story residence in a modest village and there is no way our electric bill could be over P50,000.00 per month. We will continue to pay the regular billing charge but having paid the over charge once we are not inclined to pay again even though the Alabang office of Meralco tell us we will be cut off for non-payment of the adjustment charge, Since when is there an adjustment charge each month in the same amount as the regular billings this is ridiculous and patently illegal. Please consider this our formal complaint.

    Fe Casabuena
    Service ID number428302920102
    Account number 1334776304