DZXL – 558 KHZ

2/F FRDC Building, 106 E. Rodriguez Avenue, Barangay Ugong, Pasig City

DZXL Contact Number(s):

+632 671-4220, +632 671-7303, +632 671-9627

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2 Responses to DZXL – 558 KHZ

  1. Khaimah Aquino says:

    Good day!
    We would like to ask permission from your good office to allow us to conduct an interview to fully understand and explore the world of advertising agency, This is for school purposes.
    We are looking forward for your favorable response.
    Thank you.

  2. May I share with you some ideas on how the President’s directive for the AFP to arrest erring PNP personnel or worst PNP scalawags. First PNP to submit to AFP a matrix of its personnel profile particularly by units indicating names, position, net pay, adm. record, properties, etc. Then Inspection shall be conducted by the AFP unit wherein both personnel and unit profile shall be obtained by the AFP unit, then assessment of unit and personnel shall be made from hereon the AFP can zero in the scalawags thru daily observation and monitoring of both personnel and unit performance.