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+632 928-8756 to 65

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  1. I’m trying to buy NSIC Rc530 saline resistant rice seeds. No saline-resistant seeds is available at DA’s Regional Office 8 Experimental Station in Babatngon Leyte. Where do I go to now? I have been to their offices in Babatngon, Leyte, and they don’t have the Saline Water Resistant rice seeds I’m looking for!!!! Where do I go next????? Please help, otherwise I’m going direct to the department secretary.

  2. Joseph dela Cruz says:

    I would like to request an audience with the secretary piniol about what assistance you can give me to maximize the utilization of my 70 has. in Pangasinan. 09083152107. Thank you.

  3. Eusebio C. Baino Jr. says:

    Dear sir/madam,

    I just want to Inquire about the requirement to avail Solar irrigation system? the new project
    by sec. Peñol. Ihave 3 hectars palayan ni sanFrancisco< agusan sur, my uncle 7 hecs. almost
    50h hecs. our problems is irrigation.

    Thank you.

    Your favorable action is highly appreciated.


    Eusebio C. Baino Jr.

  4. David Henry says:

    Hi, Can you please assist me. I am trying to get circa 500 acres of flat land with its independent source of water to lease to do farming. I am uk based but have rooms within the Philippines and would like to establish a farm over there. is this something you can assist with or point me in the right direction?

  5. Hello this Ironn Paulo a student from Far Easter University Institute of Technology can we conduct an interview to one your professors or botanists. Thank you.

  6. jun aniel says:

    hi, i’m Jun Aniel, a rice farmer, from Ubay, Bohol, I just want to ask if there is any subsidy from the DA in buying highbrid rice seeds because the price is too high. I need 5 bags of seeds at 6000/bag this planting season and my resources are limited. Any help from the DA will be much appreciated. thank you.

  7. Benedict L. Espiritu says:

    Good day!
    Kailan po ba kayo mag coconduct ng interview para sa mga applicant aabutin pa ho ba ng march? Maraming salamat po wait ko respond nyo…