Constitutional Hills, Batasang Pambansa Complex, Diliman, Quezon City

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+632 931-7939, +632 931-7935, +632 931-8092


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  1. Aileen Escarpe says:

    Can authentication of civil service eligibility certificate be done at any branch? Or does it have to be where you filed and took your exam?

  2. Ces says:

    good day! kindly enlighten me in regards with the Level of eligibility of Registered Masters Electrician? Is it 2nd Level?

    • don pepot says:

      I’m not sure.. but it depend on what did you finish , if your college degree then with RME license.. it can be a 2nd level ..ask also civil service ..

  3. Fe T. Vidal says:

    I am a Laboratory technician, how can i have a license (MC II), and what are the requirements related on it? is there a form need to fill up and is it down loadable?..thanks very much.

  4. Marita Reyes says:

    My husband finished three terms as barangay kagawad on 2013 can he applied for eligibility

  5. Teresita Cespedes says:

    May hiring ba kayo para sa senior citizens. Nag retire ako (optional) last 2013). Gusto ko po uli magtrabaho. Thank you and God bless.

  6. i have passed the civil service commission licensure exam a long time ago but i never received yet my certification. how could it be?

  7. Jose Arsenio Tiangco says:

    I have a test this coming March 12 but my number was lost and i was not able to get the text message where i can take the exam, is there a way to change the cell number so that i can receive the text message where my exam will be held.

  8. len olega says:

    This is to express interest in attending seminar/training offered by Civil Service Commission. Is it okay to ask for an invitation to attend so that yours truly may have the first chance to have a Transfer with Promotion opportunity. Currently holding a clerical post: Adm. Aide IV since hired in late nineties. Thank you.

  9. Ricardo R. Rule Jr says:

    I filed for a civil service exam last December 12, 2014. I have a job opportunity abroad and will be leaving soon February 2015.

    I filed for a paper and pencil test. Can I change it to computer assisted test instead so I can do the exam in my laptop?