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  1. Roman R. Dimayuga, 287 JP Laurel Carmek Subduvusion Brgy 7, Lipa Cit.y 09214544128 says:

    Sometime last May 2017, I attended a presentation/seminar of prospective members at the office of Lipa Parish Multi-Purpose Cooperative Credit Union. Inspired by its benefits I filed
    for membership this June. However after more than a week of waiting I did not receive any response about the status of my application. I therefore personally made a follow-up but
    nobody could give me the result about my query. To my surprise, through my confidential informant the result was negative due to the following reasons;
    1. That I am a rich man and there is no valid reason for approving my application.
    2. The Chairman pre-judged my application telling others that I might not be able to pay my
    indebtedness, if any,, because I am a Filipino-American and might leave after borrowing.
    For me, both are against the principle of a democratic form of organization that EVERYBODY HAS EQUAL RIGHTS, EQUAL OPPORTUNITY, AND FAIR TREATMENT.

    In addition, during the Board Meeting three (3) Board Members did not follow their oatht in decision making that they should not be influence by anybody which is the Chairman.They followed blindly disregarding their dutues as a Board Member

    Clearly, in my lawyer.s opinion, the four of them violated the following:
    1. Potentially against the law act
    2. Gross Negligence
    3. Bad Faith