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+632 751-3127, +632 751-4735 (Fax)

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  1. Paul says:

    Good Afternoon. Advance Happy New Year. Ask ko lang po kung ano requirements mag import ng tiles from China po.

  2. Chris says:

    Good afternoon po, tanong ko lang po kung nag tetest kayo ng helmet? Kung nag tetest pi pwede po ba kame mag pa test for thesis purpose lang po. Salamat po

  3. Nep says:

    Is the “W” brand of lpg safety device is a legitimate and legal products of the our country?

  4. Mark says:

    Hi we are planning to import plywood from China. As per checking DTI List of Products under the BPS Product Certification Scheme, it is included on the products that must bear PS or ICC mark. However when I checked BPS Memorandum Circular No. 16-01 Series of 2016, it is no longer included. Can someone clarify this matter to me. Thanks.

    • Hello Sir! Kindly contact their Hotline for a quick response on your case. But Im sure it needs an ICC mark. And BPS permit is needed for Customs Purposes. In case po wala pa kayong Customs Broker. You can contact me @ mgnaboreda.lcb@gmail.com
      thank you

    • Martin Naboreda says:

      Hello Sir Mark! For a quick response kindly call their hotline. I think it needs to bear an ICC mark for it is needed for Customs Purposes, the BPS clearance certificate. Im wondering if you have a Customs Broker sir? in case you need one, please dont hesitate to email me at mgnaboreda.lcb@gmail.com Thank you and have a great day

  5. Hi

    We are going to import Jump Starter Device here in Manila from USA
    We sent the items via UPS Ocean Freight. UPS is requiring us to submit Bureau of Product Standards (BPS) Certificate.

    May we know what are the steps and requirements for the certificate and how long will the process take. We also need to know how much are we going to pay for the certificate

    Thank you

  6. ian says:

    Hi..do you have official copy of manual for ISO 9000:2005 and ISO 19001:2011?How can we avail?

  7. is bulb is subject for clearance