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+632 525-2987, +632 521-7650 (Fax)

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  1. Dottie says:

    Ask ko lang po kung saan pwede magpatest if abaca po tlaga yung material na ginagamit ng anak ko for research and need po ng certification. Need help po. Thanks.

  2. Celso Jose Gonzales says:

    Saan makabili ng seedlings ng NAPIER GRASS? And ano ang tamangb paraan ng pagtatanim ng NAPIER GRASS?

  3. Seriously want to develop our agricultural land around 4 has in our province located in Eastern Samar into rice production. Want to know the whole processes of rice production – from land preparation, irrigation, planting of seeds/seedlings, maintenance of rice planted, harvesting and post harvesting processes. Can someone from your office help me?

  4. Leny Pantoja says:

    good day ask ko lang po meron po ba kayo na reccomended young corn production or book for young corn thanks. 🙂

  5. saan po ba makakabili ng buto ng malunggay bangladesh dito sa manila

  6. Rune Olesen says:

    Dear BPI
    Im interesting in importing some sterile flask orchids from Thailand to the Philippines. Could you please inform me if theres any regulations for sterile flask orchids that I should know about.
    Best regards

    Rune Olesen