Barangay San Antonio, Bartolome, Novaliches, Quezon City

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+632 931-1557, +632 931-15558, +632 936-1558, +632 936-2502, +632 936-2551


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5 Responses to ABC CHANNEL 5

  1. Richard B. Caringal says:

    Hi my name is Richard B. Caringal, of Los Angeles,California. I am a directv subscriber. Just wanted to make comments in regards to your PBA, opening coverage that was shown here in LA, Jan.13,2019. The audio of the said coverage was just awful,and unbearable. You can not
    understand what was being said. Hopefully in the future your audio will be much better. Thank you.

    Best regards
    Richard B. Caringal

  2. Ed tuason says:


    to sa aming bahay ay napapanood ng maayos ang mga digital chanels ng ABS CBN at GMA 7 ng malinaw at walang problema sa malakas na signal. Bakit po ang ABC5 digital tv ay palaging mahina o walang signal?

  3. Erika Chio says:

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    Fax no.: (632) 9208087 ; (632) 9205883
    Local No.: 140 or 147
    Mobile No.: +639087198906/+639274508515
    Email Add: or