JPD Building, Calamba Road, San Jose, Tagaytay City

SSS Contact Number(s):

+6346 413-0383, +6346 413-0385 (Fax)

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4 Responses to SSS – TAGAYTAY

  1. Jennes boncay corral says:

    Good morning po,my cellphone number po b kayo n pwede matawagan

  2. Noel renegado gara says:

    Why are so delayed the monthly pension of my mother this january

  3. diana umali celorico says:

    may landline po ba sa sss tagaytay branch

  4. Julieta Magahis says:

    may mother who is 80 years old went to your office today (July 20, 2018) as a pensioner, dependent of may father but unfortunately she forgot may father sss number… she report to your office personally thinking that she need to report to sss office to continue received her pension because she stop receiving her pension… unfortunately according to your staff your system is down and he cannot find my father sss number. he advice may mother to come back. We live in Lian Batangas far away for your office considering the age of may mother. your staff did not received the form which only lack of sss number that you can check on your database even if all information needed is already fill up on that form and may mother is personally report to your office bring his senior ID. can you please assist may mother to facilitate her pension activate again…

    hope for your immediate response.