Oro Villas 2, 229 McArthur Highway, Wakas, Bocaue, Bulacan

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+6344 546-8091

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  1. April gloria says:

    I am a daughter of susana gloria, member and a pensioner on your agency. She died last feb 1, 2016. According to your policy once a member already died, her/his pension will be tranfered to her/his widow/widower. And according to your policy also that once a widow/widower already has a new partner the claim of the pension will automatically rejected. How come eduardo gloria approved his claim to my mother’s pension? I am sure you are conducting an investigation right? How come your agency didnt know that he has already a partner since september 26,2016 until now? My brother said that my father wants him to sign in a certain documents which he didnt do, so again if he have no signature on that document how come the claim approved? Did someone try to forge his signature? Well, i hope you will take ACTIONS to my complain.