Level 3 Marque Mall, Francisco G Nepo Avenue, Pulong Maragul, Angeles City

SSS Contact Number(s):

+6345 322-0164, +6345 322-2984 (Fax)

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36 Responses to SSS – ANGELES

  1. John Patrick Reenmar Santos says:

    hi good afternoon please help me to call my agency im 7 months working
    but my sss contri. has 0 they did not pay but they always less my
    salary for my SSS benefits. my agency is BEST SOLUTION LOCAL MANPOWER
    address at balibago angeles city, contact number are 09177728197.
    thank you

  2. marco says:

    anung processed date na po ung available for releasing sa calamity loan? processed date po nung sa akin is Dec. 20, 2018, until now po kasi ala pa po akugn narireceive na txt.

  3. Conrado Angeles y Nonato says:

    Every 28th of the month po ang tangygap ko ng aking monthly retirement pension. This date, Jan. 7, 2019 ay wala pa pong laman ang ATM account ko. Ano po ba ang dahilan?