AMA Building, Marcos Avenue, Palamis, Alaminos, Pangasinan

SSS Contact Number(s):

+6345 551-5908 (Telefax)

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2 Responses to SSS – ALAMINOS

  1. Daisy christie bustria says:

    Hi may concern po ako ung pension ng papa hinuhulog sa pnb bnk ngaung ngplit sila ng atm automatic n po ba na malalagy pension or ifollow up pa sa sss?kung need p ifollow up any near sss office pwdi

  2. Mariel C. Amoroso says:

    Dear Sir Narciso Martinez;
    Good Afternoon this is Mariel C. Amoroso daughter of Feliciano Amoroso Sr. just wanna ask regarding on his pension, yong pension po kasi nya hinuhulog na sa PNB (Super Teller) Card nya pero ayaw po i.accept ng sss ung account number ng PNB, so possible kaya na hindi registered yong account number nya, can I ask for assistance for this concern. For the purpose of I’m going to check his SSS online but need this information first. (please see below).

    Are you a pensioner of SSS? Yes

    If YES, please supply the following information:
    Saving Account Number (Where pension is deposited) Saving Account Number:
    * Savings Account Number not registered.
    If none, any Check Number of pension received. Check Number:

    If you have any questions or any information needed don’t hesitate to contact my mobile number +639056901487 ..

    Thank you..

    Best Regards,
    Mariel C. Amoroso