Smart Tower, 6799 Ayala Avenue, Makati City

SMART Head Office Contact Number:

+632 811-0211

Smart Postpaid / Smart Prepaid / Talk ‘N Text Contact Numbers:

888, +632 888-1111

Smart Infinity Contact Numbers:

800, +632 848-8806

Smart Mobile Broadband Contact Numbers:

888, +632 672-7277 or 1-800-10-672-7277

Smart Home Broadband Contact Numbers:

1888, +632 672-7277 or 1-800-10-672-7277

Smart Money Contact Numbers:

15177, +632 845-7777 or 1-800-1-888-5648

Smart Load Retailers Contact Numbers:

333, +632 845-7733

Smart Load Dealers Contact Numbers:

7744, +632 845-7744

Smart Padala Contact Numbers:

7788, +632 845-7788 or 1-800-10-8457788

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  1. Ronald RIBERY says:

    good day.
    i reload 09295647718 300 by 09196079500 nov 17 1329
    message: the number you entered is NOT ACTIVE
    REF 040212849996 MBS 3002

    This number had already been contacted by me?
    will you refund by a load on 0919…9500
    or load the 300 on 0929….7718/
    kindly reply

    best regards

  2. Ahyang Lopez says:

    May Smart postpaid ako.. Im planning to settle my amount due but then i saw an atm machine inside the smart tower. Sinita ako ng guard ..para sa employee lang daw yun ng smart.. Okay i changed my mind di muna ako magbabayad nabili na ata nila yung atm machine eh.

  3. Michael culala says:

    Smart postpaid subscriber po ako at naoperan ng smart deals offer pagkatapos pinalitan ng paln bundle hinde na ako binalikan mg tellesales at ang masaklap pa don dame naging problema ng account pagkatapos ng mapalitan ng bundle with gadget upsell halos mag tatlong buwan na wala pa den aksyon sa kabila ng madame patawag sa pag complain kahit mga supervisor


    i’m a smart subscriber 7 smart retailer at the same time. ALSO USING SMART MONEY but when problem arises it is so hard to contact your hotlines. It takes eternity to wait … how can I retrieve my lost smart money Php1,200 that I BOUGHT smart load wallet thru my retailer number 09194283012. I deposited the amount at BDO Southmall on July 29, 2017 then bought smart load wallet of the same amount. It was debited from my smart money account but no load wallet was transferred to my retailer number. Please help retrieve the amount. Thank you.

  5. Lea coloso says:

    How can I contact your employee thru landline please

  6. Ofelia Aure says:

    Can I have an email

  7. Ofelia Aure says:

    Dear smart,
    Please I need your legal department any contact . Thanks.

  8. Arceli says:

    We need to talk somebody, how come we done have the cignal even though we paid on time.
    can you please send me your contact person or the cellphone number we badly need it.

  9. Joylyn Galang says:

    Dear Smart

    Can I have a number of your legal department, i need badly

  10. Melanie Morong says:

    November 7, 2016

    Dear Smart/Smart Money,

    I have a problem with smart money since last Saturday Nov. 5, 2016 until now Monday, November 7, 2016. When I dialled 8457777 a recording voice says “all smart technical problems have been resolved”. What’s hapenning to Smart Money now. (wrong advertisement/misleading information). The deposit I made in BDO Sta Lucia Branch at 11:12am last Saturday was not yet credited to my account. I need to transfer money to my load wallet. Any representative from smart customer service/smart money who can assist my problem.

    Thanks a lot.


  11. jenna dimaculangan says:

    gud dy gusto q lng po kc ireport ito
    last oct.25 ,2016 ngorder po aq sa smartonline ng o+700lte and ngbyd sa bdo last oct.27 then i waited na mgfeedbck ang smart no txts,email or call then nkita q s order status q cancelled purchased pro nver q pinacncel un kc ng ngdeposit na aq ng bayad then nagfollow up aq thru call,emil fb pmnta n dn aq s smart store sb ieescalate dw problem q but until now no feedback gusto q nlng irefund bnyad q kc prng d nmn nila iniintndi concern q..sna matulungan nyu po aq i have my receipt ng bnyaran q ty

  12. Elmer says:

    Hi good day! Just wanna ask about my smart roaming actuvation. Last October 17, 2016 I just activated my mobile number send it to 333,but until now it wasyyet activated. I’m using this for along time as a roaming when I was outside frim Philippines. But just first time happened.

  13. kris says:

    Good day. Can I know if what’s the problem of husbands smart cellphone number because when I’m calling him sometimes it’s just. I’ve ask him if what’s wrong with his cellphone he told me it’s not busy. Can I know if it’s true or his lying to me? This is his cellphone number in Philippines 00639498202810. I’m here in Egypt and I’m really hoping that I will reply me soon because I’m so confused now.kri

  14. noel piggangay says:


  15. noel piggangay says:

    This is with regards to the rental of SMART TOWER located at TUNGAWAN ,ANTIPOLO, ASIPULO, IFUGAO. I NOTICED that RENTRAL from May 2015 up to present is not in my account. can anyone give contact number for me to call pls

  16. pls!!!!!!! i need an answer today about the cheque of John steven Acibo it is the annual rent for smart tower located at manjuyod negros oriental if nit is available coz i want to get it coz im here in manila right now

  17. Kristin Berango says:


    This is to raise to your attention the inefficiencies of your Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) at SMNE.

    ? I purchased a smart brow post-paid sim on October 25, 2015 and paid the amount of P299.00.

    ? On October 25, 2015, Paul, one of the CSR, called me and advised me that per Smart Policy, a customer has to pay three (3) months advance payment.

    ? On October 28, 2016, I went to Smart SMNE and settled P598.00 (additional 2 months).

    ? On November, I purchased big bytes amounting to P299.

    ? Since I paid for 3 months advance I was of the impression that it will be applied to the following dates:
    October 25, 2015 to November 24, 2015
    November 25, 2015 to December 24, 2015
    December 25, 2015 to January 24, 2016

    ? In January 2016, I visited the store and inquire the content of my billing statement. I was advised by the CSR that necessary adjustments will be made. I also paid in cash the amount of P299.00 for the big bytes.

    ? On February 24, 2016, I again visited your store at SMNE and inquired again on the billing statement because no adjustments were made. I closed the post-paid account on that same day. And paid for another P299.00 to cover January 25, 2016 to February 24, 2016.

    I have been receiving calls from your collecting agent and law firm and threatening me and harassing me that if I do not settle the amount of P584 (something) they will be forced to file a case against me and that my credit status will blocked or banned.

    I went to Smart SMNE last May 23 or 24, 2016 and talked to a certain JV. I have been explaining to her the above details. Hindi niya makuha ang sinasabi ko because she is relying on a report in the system na MALI naman.

    Once and for all, PLEASE RECONCILE THIS ACCOUNT. We are talking about an account which only lasted for 4 months and hindi ma-reconcile nang mga CS niyo?

    I will demand an incident report or full disclosure of what transpired on this.

    Sobrang harass na ako sa kakatawag sa akin nang mga 3rd party collecting agents niyo. Hindi ito nakakatuwa.

    So, PLEASE LANG, attend to this.

    I have been calling JV’s # 09199990624 but it looks like na binlock na niya # ko.

    She made a commitment to me that she will keep me updated on this. She texted on May 26, 2016 at 7:24pm that the dispute is still for validation. I texted her back to advise your collecting agent to refrain from calling and texting me until that has been settled. Ilang buwan po ba ang aabutin para

    I received a call today from this # 09176593324 and demanding that I settle the amount of P584.00. I suppose that until this very day the CSR at SMNE has not been settled.

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE ATTEND TO THIS. I’ve sent an email to your public affairs email address and left a contact there.

    Thank you.

    Kristin L. Berango

  18. ANJELLY ARON says:

    Good Day Sir / Ma’am,

    I received a bill from Smart but I didn’t avail any plan from smart.
    Hope you can help me regarding this matter.

    Thanks and more power.

    Anjelly Aron

  19. joy sadang costiniano says:

    good day…
    im a new user of pldt home ultera,i have paid my bills last april 15, 2016.i just received a text messanges from your company stating that i sill have an existing balance,i have entered my right account no-0758664805 but i used pldt as my account name instead of smart concern is that why im getting a text messages from you even though i used an incorrect account name yet my account no is right?pls feel free to call me at my cp no 09306194073.thank you and moe power

  20. Jhane Sy says:

    hello good morning , can I ask something regarding the smart pocket wifi .. how to make process to disconnect the connection of the wifi because the 2 years contract is done. thank you.

  21. i want to claim my smart padala but the problem is sararado na yung pinadalhan na smart padal reference number pano po kaya gagawin ko

  22. ATH says:

    Hi good morning. I called 7th time for the hotline *888 for my bad reception concern of my prepaid internet promo SURFMAXPLUS. The 4th time was submitted the report officially. The next day was submitted for a new serial number. I had received thru SMS that it has been resolved but still the reception is bad. I reply to the message by answering NO as the instructions given by the SMS. The staff told me that there is no issue about my location coverage. They also told me that they checked and saw my reply thru SMS into their technical dept. the second officially report was made on Jan. 23, and has given me 1 day to monitor. Everyday i am trying to check thru calling *888 but still always under process. Just now i follow up again and one of staff told me that their technical dept didnt receive my reply to their SMS. Contradicting to my previous follow up call that they told me they already checked and saw my reply NO. And they keep on following up this issue to their technical dept via email. Can I have a reliable answer from my query. It seems that the staffs are confusing me. And my internet reception is still very bad unlike before holidays and during the holidays. Whats going on to the internet reception.

    Thanks and regards,



  23. Anro says:

    I was here in California and my friend was trying to load my roaming but they said they won’t go through my cell number.

  24. Mam/Sir i just wanted to ask lang po yung pocket wifi po na nabili ko minsan po nakaka connect minsan naman po hindi pero may load and signal naman po . sana po malapag response kayo. thankyou po,

  25. Amel says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Good day!
    We are from the Department of Agriculture – Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Service. We have major concern regarding the signal of broadband in Brgy. Del Carmen, Uson, Masbate. We just want to know how they can have a good signal of broadband pocket wifi in their area since they acquire equipments for the use of Livestock Oksyon Market. Strong internet signal is badly needed in this area. Hope we could hear response from you as soon as possible.

    Thank you and best regards.

    Floramel L. Labayno
    Science Research Assistant
    Japan 2KR LOM Rehabilitation and Modernization in the Philippines
    Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Service
    Department of Agriculture
    Rm 109, DA-OSEC Bldg., Elliptical Road
    Diliman, Quezon City, 1100 Philippines
    Telephone No. 02-9204073/920-4077/920-2216 Fax: 02-926-6434
    Trunkline: 02-9288751 to 65 local 2146/2180
    Mobile No. +639991629056 / +639167865657

    • floresh says:

      hello i want you to know that all the applicants in phone planning are fraud on eastwoods libis cyber mall 6th floor the A and G company if you want to retrieve all the gadgets the you already gave you need to sset up them there a lots of fake ID’s Uses in that transaction !! if you want to know it make a set up using the smart pampamga outlet because they already make a move !! thankz pls make it urgent so that you will have your revenge and make all the persons who will caught punish!!

  26. Queen Deserie says:

    Dear Sir/Madaam,

    We are really frustrated right now for the upgrade of our 2 existing numbers. We actually cancelled the other since it took us more than a month? and right now we are now we are waiting for the other mobile which is taking long too. I was just wondering cause when we go to Festival Alabang Mall Smart Center, the girl said ‘ah ma’am meron po kami ganun handset kaso for retention daw po” then I told her, renewal ng existing number gagawin number, hindi ba dapat retention offer bbgay nyo? The she referred me to the Customer Care Rep in the store and just told me na wala daw pala handset! it’s really frustrating. So we end up signing up pa rin and said we’re willing to wait, not knowing it will take time. I don’t even understand why they call it ‘”retention offer” eh wala naman difference sa ordinary offer nila sa mga customers. Hopefully you can help us. Thank you

  27. Dear Sir/Madam;

    A pleasant day to you !
    I am contacting you today to inquire information to your company’s promos regarding to Internet Connections and Installations. I am very interested in finding out if your company may meet my needs.
    Please provide details about the promos as well as any additional offerings that your company offers. Thank you in advance.
    Looking forward for your favorable response.

    Falcasantos, Karen L

  28. sarah says:


    The undersigned is requesting assistance from your good end to invite MS.ESTRELLA BAUTISTA BARLIS in your office in your most convenient time. As per verification made, the said person is still connected to ROBINSONS HANDYMAN. Despite repeated written and verbal demand made upon him, he continuously refuses to coordinate with us. The above mentioned name has “PENDING COMPLAINT“sent by our client.

    We would like to discuss pending issues with his non-compliance in response of the demand by our client to pay her debt.

    Your immediate reply regarding this matter is highly appreciated.

    Tel No. 294-8475/ 433-3931
    Mobile: 0998-9649-821 / 0929-5710888

    Atty. Roberto B. Ultado Law Office

    • sarah says:

      sorry wrong type

      • sarah says:

        The undersigned is requesting assistance from your good end to invite MS.ESTRELLA BAUTISTA BARLIS in your office in your most convenient time. As per verification made, the said person is still connected to SMART TREASURY DEPT.AYALA BRGY.BEL AIR MAKATI CITY. Despite repeated written and verbal demand made upon him, he continuously refuses to coordinate with us. The above mentioned name has “PENDING COMPLAINT“sent by our client.

        We would like to discuss pending issues with his non-compliance in response of the demand by our client to pay her debt.

        Your immediate reply regarding this matter is highly appreciated.

        Tel No. 294-8475/ 433-3931
        Mobile: 0998-9649-821 / 0929-5710888

        Atty. Roberto B. Ultado Law Office

  29. I lost my sim card and I want a new one with the same number,I just want to ask if smast/tnt can help me to regenerate another sim card with the same exact number because it’s very important to me I have that number for many years and all my friends, distant relatives and old friends only know how to contact me with that number please helpme to have a sim with the same number that I lost…thank you…

  30. Magtatanong lang po at Sana masolusyonan po ito.

    Kami po ay mga agents ng Entire Westmin, pwede lang po ba na magtanong kami tungkol sa aming sahod kung bakit palaging na dedelay, alin po ba ang may problema?

    A) Ang TPC or Team Project Coorditor – na hindi palagi nag-a-update sa pag request nang activation at budget? kasi minsan kahit my activation pero hindi kumikilos kung paano makarequest ng budget para magsahod.

    B) Team Leader – na hindi palage gumagawa or nag-a-update ng mga liquidation, contracts at monitoring sheets.

    C) Smart – na Hindi on time magpasa ng activation, para makarequest ang TPC ng budget para sa sahod.

    D) PXI – na mahina ang proseso kaya over delay ang sweldo dito sa amin sa entire westmin.

    Hindi ko po alam kung ALL OF THE ABOVE kaya po kami nagtatanong. kasi the way na magtanong kami sa team leader kung may sahod na ba and ang sinasagot nila ay hindi pa daw nagbigay ng activation ang SMART sabi ng TPC, pero almost a month na or two months pataas pa hindi pa nagsasahod. kasi ang rason malaking proseso daw yan, dadaan daw sa maraming PROSESO yata, iwan namin kung saang office pa yan dadaan, so therfore ganon po ba talaga kayo mag alaga ng mga aplikante? dini-delay ang sweldo? halos wala ng makain ang mga tao niyo or agents,ganon lang kasimple para sa inyo.? Kasi minsan yong TPC din daw kahit na may activation na,hindi talaga pina-follow up ang pag request ng budget or else pag wala pang activation, hindi din siya nag e-inquired palage kung kailan darating ang activation ng smart. Parang deadma lang yata sila sa mga agents na walang sweldo at walang makain, at yong TPC, TL at iba pang aplikante na sila lang yong nag re-recieve ng sahod parang deadma lang sa kanila kasi sila nagsasahod palage kami wala. Sa katunayan diba tanging agents lang ang importante dito kasi kami yong nag e-endorse ng product niyo para gamitin ng mga subscriber at para hindi magiging number one yong GLOBE COMPANY dito sa ENTIRE WESTMIN. Kami din yong nagtitiis sa init ng araw sa umaga at tanghali para lang makabenta at kumita ng malaki pero bakit parang hindi niyo nararamdaman ang hirap namin bilang mga agents. like dito sa Zamboanga city, ni hindi pa dumating yong mga activation or sweldo ng smart at talk n txt last year which is 2014 then also ang 2015 na mga months pati yong sunsap hindi always yong sahod every weekend, minsan mga two months pa pati sa Zamboanga Sibugay, hindi on time ang sweldo almost 3 months pa tapos ang rason wala pa nagbigay ang SMART ng activation sa PXI kasi yon ang sabi ng TPC sa TL parang hindi enough ang reason nila kung bakit hindi nila ginagawa ang trabaho nila para hindi ma delay ang sweldo , bakit palage na talaga na dedelay ang sahod, hindi tulad noon na every week may sahod na. para naman po gaganahan ang mga agents na magbenta at kumita ng malaki pero papaano kami gaganahan kung hindi on time ang sweldo, so kami na best on seller talaga at best performance pa sa pag selling, mawawala at aalis kasi walang sahod with in 2 months pataas. kaya papalitan ng mga hindi aktibo sa pagbenta or hindi man lang marunong magdiskarte para yong costumer ay may panghahawakan na maganda talaga ang SIM na ito kasi alam na nila yong cheaper promos sa product na ito, na ito ang the best hindi yong globe. then at the end yong mga agents na bago lang nagwork, umaalis kasi hindi nila kaya magbenta, so palit ng palit ng mga agents and then walang gusto magbenta or magwork kasi nalaman nila na delay ang sweldo kaya hindi sila mag continue. Sana dapat masulosyonan ito, or sana mabago ang mga taong dapat managot kung bakit nadedelay ang sweldo ng matagal. kasi kung hindi talaga kayo natatakot sa DOLE baka pwede kaming lumapit sa MEDIA. kasi yong mga pinaghirapan namin, wag niyo namang balewalain hindi pa talaga namin nakukuha until now, sa smart, sun at talk n txt. please po nagmamakawa po kami baguhin niyo po ang systemang eto para hindi mahirapan yong mga taong mga bagong seller kasi kami yong naaawa sa kanila na baka matulad sila sa amin na halos parang wala ng makain. please po nagmamakaawa po kami tulungan niyo po kami


  31. EDNA BERIN says:

    Dear Sir / Madam,
    Good day! May this letter find you in good spirits.

    We are Resending you this letter to request for your kind assistance regarding MS ESTRELLA BAUTISTA BARLIS employee of NIA UPRIIS DIVISION III .Kindly advise her to call and coordinate with our law firm to discuss a very important matter.

    We look forward to your favorable response and will appreciate whatever assistance you may give pertaining to our request. Please contact us at (63) 5859731,(63) 09175764043 or (63) 09082559610 or kindly send us e-mail upon receipt of this letter and look for our Legal Counsel Atty. Joaquin Telan for any information of the above mentioned subject.

    Thank you and more power!

    Best Regard’s!

    Very truly yours,

    EDNA BERIN – Senior Legal Officer
    TELAN LAW I No. 81 West Drive I Kapitolyo, Pasig City, PHILIPPINES
    Mobile No.: +63 917 576 4043/+63 9082559610 I Tel. No.: +632 5859731/+632 9853045

  32. Erwin Perez says:

    Hi SMART.. im Erwin i applied in your business center located in Makati City.., i was advise that my application was been denied.., the girl who assisted me is a chubby .., curl hair..with 5ft height i think., she said my HR in our company is uncontactable and that is the cause of my rejection. i accept the evaluation ..
    after a week the SUN CELL COMM.., is our office.., i also applied for a lower plan only but unfortunately its been denied.., they found out that i have a prevous application with your Smart and i have a delinquent account..

    Hope you can help me with this.

  33. Lionel O. Baluca says:

    hi there smart, my name is Line an event organizer and talent coordinator would like to know if you are interested for collaborative event and tie ups? we are going to have different social and corporate events and right now we are preparing for the biggest and the much awaited festival in Antipolo city.. and we want you to be part of it by promoting your products and services..pls advise thank you!

  34. Nicolasa Kopf says:

    Locatuon: Baguio City,Loakan
    Every 3 or 4 minutes I am discconected.
    I can nöt work on my PC!!
    What is going wrong???

  35. Emily Deticio Deputo says:

    Our Company recently has a 2 years contract with Globe with 22 postpaid plans and we need additional several lines more. Our Company wanted to switch this contract with SMART.

    Can you please reply to us the possibility of this and business proposal.

    Thank you and will appreciate your kind assistance the soonest possible.

    Kind Regards,

    Emily Deputo
    Operation LM / Admin
    Dimension-all Inc.
    (2) 654-4255

  36. sarah jane carlos says:

    madam sir pwede po ba na tuungan nyo aqng matrace ung mga phone numbers please po i know na,may mga data kau please email nyo po ako kung mabasa nyo ito please.. yan po ang email ko please po.

  37. Oscar Canonigo says:

    Gud day sir/madam’
    Ano po bang gagawin pag ikaw ay ginamitan ng Remote Neural Monitoring “RNM” by Satellite Surveillance Technology at paano ba ito mapapahinto? 24/7 kci akong binubwiset ng mga Wireless n Gangstalker.

  38. Jocel Senillo says:

    binigyan po ako ng pasalod sa kasama q ng 35 tapos nagconfirmed po kau na 35 has been transffered tapos tsinek q ang buddy balance nakalagay zero balance tapos my 100 allnet text,eh wala nman aq load kaya pinasahan nya aq,,,..Paki explain please……

  39. Janine says:

    Hi,can u give us contact number in Sm Lanang Primier Branch,tnx

  40. josephine says:

    Pls answer my question..

  41. josephine says:

    Bkit po ngsend aq s isang tao pero ung message po n dumating s knya ay iba s sinend qng message panu q po marerecover ung message n hndi nmn po galing s akin???

  42. ruth says:

    simula po ng bagyo mahina po signal ng smart hanggang ngaun po sna po ma action niyo po

  43. Ion Lance M. Delos Angeles says:

    Hi Good afternoon. Hindi po kami makaconnect sa internet after typhoon Glenda. Ask ko lang kung ano kailangan gawin? Kailangan po ba ng Smart technician? General triaS, Cavite po location namin. Paki assist naman po.

  44. pwede ba malman ang pngalan ng may ari ng smart money card using his account #? na scam po kasi ako

  45. Pwede ko ba ma trace ung pngalan ng account # sa smart money na scam po kasi ako…

  46. smokie says:

    pwede ko bang malaman kung paano matrace ung cp number? may naninira ho kasi sakin. salamat po

  47. Nelka Ferrer says:

    Good day!
    Smart, na settled ko na po ung balances ko sa Smart plan ko po…pwede u po bha akung tawagan?tumatawag ako sa *888 hindi ako nakakapasok po.

    Thank You!

  48. francis says:

    hi smart magtatanong lng po pla kung paano po mag apply ng smart internet d2 po sa office nmin..MUSTANG SECURITY AGENCY po name ng company nmin and 536-9770-71 ung contact number nmin..apply po kme and tanung nmin about fiber optics para mbilis net nmin

  49. luke says:

    I having a problem with smart money, I send my money this account no. 5299672300646101 isend my money. but my sister did not claim the money I send. instead their is another person who claim my PADALA according to them how could my money back? is there a chance to know who’s that person who claim ny money ? kindly fixed it please ……. kindly contact me 09094561087. ill wait

  50. hermie sotto says:

    im applying for a broadband…please give me a contact# near to my place…im residing at atimonan, quezon province..

    thank you very much…

    • Smart Internet Bulok says:

      naku. sinasabi ko sayo. wag na wag kang kukuha ng internet sa Smart. sobrang bagal. kung ako sayo, mag globe ka, or deretso PLDT na.