SCTEX Contact Numbers

Emergency Numbers: +63 920 967-2839 or +6345 459-0522
Emergency Hotlines:+632 362-2246 or +632 362-9997

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  1. Maricor says:

    We were heading towards Manila from La Union so we passed by TPLEX-SCTEX-NLEX. It was a very rainy late night & a first time for us at TPLEX that we nearly had an accident, . I did not know that there was an SCTEX toll gate approaching. There were no signages warning motorists to reduce speed and that there was tollgate ahead. Normally, there should be warning signs from 2KM, 1KM & 500M This is very dangerous since I am used to SCTEX to NLEX without a tollgate anymore.

    Recommend the ff to avoid afuture accident in the makingL
    1. Put signages
    2. Integrate TPLEX & SCTEX similar to SCTEX & NLEX,

    Appreciate your immediate action on this

  2. Romeo Borja says:

    notice the rubber cone/ traffic cone they are using to alert motorist are almost not visible, reflectors of the cone is almost not reflecting, I think because it is very dirty, very unsafe to travel during night especially when raining, many motorist (on the opposite direction)do not lower their beam , as of now it is not well maintained, they are waiting holes to become big and plenty before they repair the road, lastly SCTEX PATROL CARS PARKS EVEN AT CURVES OF ENTRY POINTS of the expressway- THIS IS UNSAFE. Lastly grass cutters do not use barriers to block pieces of hard materials like stones hit by the grass cutting equipment- it is also very unsafe for the motorirst, we are using a pay toll road but there are many unsafe conditions along the expressway. hope the management may solve it. By the way I already reported these items to the SCTEX hotline many times, and still exist.

  3. David says:

    What a terrific road – and the new toll collection system is outstanding except for one thing; at many exits, the EC lanes are combined with normal lanes and/or the wide vehicle lanes, and the queues are longer than the normal lanes. Has any thought been given to providing EC only lanes?

  4. d.s pamintuan construction says:

    pls help us to get travel permit.the equipment will leave at subic and ends at tarlac..please reply asap.thank u

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