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  1. Cesar Sotto says:

    Dear Sir;

    My father passed away 11 years ago. Prior to his death he was already an old age pensioner from 1996 until January of 2003. Since then, as surviving with my elderly and sickly mother is the one receiving his monthly pension. Before his demise, my father claimed that he used to be a member of USAFFE. Upon verification at the headquarters of Veterans Affairs it was found out that he really was a USAFFE volunteer and that the record shows his serial number 078216 and the pertinent information to prove and verify that he indeed a genuine USAFFE member.

    It was announced by the President Noynoy last April 9th of 2013 Araw ng Kagitingan that veterans including the surviving spouse would receive an additional benefit of 5,000 pesos but until now still not received that in fact my father was really a member World War II Veterans. It was again reiterated by the president in the recent Araw ng Kagitingan about that said benefits.

    We are in great want Sir. Hence, my mother is already a bedridden and she’s turning 89 by this August 10th.

    Your utmost consideration regarding this matter is highly appreciated.

    Respectfully yours,

    (Surviving son)

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