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  1. bibeth crisostomo says:

    we have an Association and/or Professional Organization duly registered with SEC.

    It’s an Association of administrators in hospitality, hotel & restaurant management education.

    Basically, we are providing & conducting an academic mentoring, tutorials, seminars, trainings & advancement through consultancy to various individuals & institutions.

    We have an individual members (hrm & tourism students & school/institutional members (hrm & tourism dept of private & public schools).

    According to SEC reportorial documents required, we have to be registered or endorsed by other government agency, which is your commission.

    We need to know how we can secure an endorsement an/or accreditation in your commission.

    What are the procedures & requirements and how we can do the above mentioned endorsement and/or accreditation.

    thank you.

    Ms. bibeth crisostomo

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