PNP National Headquarters, Camp General Crame, EDSA, Quezon City

PNP Contact Numbers:

117 (Emergency Hotline), +632 723-0401

For Complaints Referrals Action Center:
+632 722-0650 local 3453/3473

PNP Task Force Limbas/ Anti-Carnapping For Highway Robbery & Other Motor Vehicle related crimes: +632 722-4068, +632 725-1133 local 4359

PACER For Organized Crime & Kidnapping with Ransom:
+632 725-2147 Local 4371

Criminal Investigation & Detection Group For Most Wanted / Fugitives Person or Arrest Warrant Information: +632 726-1575

For Womens Crisis and Child Protection Office:
+632 723-0401 local 5444/3697

Criminal Investigation & Detection Group For Cyber Crime / Computer Related Crimes: +632 726-1575

PNP Website Contact Page:

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  1. Deepu Dinakar says:

    Hello Sir, This is Deepu texting all the way from Australia… A person from Quezon city is threatening me and even blackmailing me by taking pictures from my Facebook page.. Edited them and trying to send those vulgur pictures to many.. He is asking me for the money and he is doing it with many people… Some people or student like me can commit suicide for his sake.. Need your response quickly and please take a very strict action against him soon.. I already paid him $400 fearing him but he is not listening.. He is demanding for more money.. Please do something.. Help me out or else i will die by his torture sir… Send me your contact number. I want to speak and tell everything about him clearly.

  2. mariel carpio says:

    how much percentage of a child support is entitled to from a father who is serving in PNP

  3. jimmy ledesma says:

    sir, report ko lng bkit sa paranque.di hinuhuli mga magnanakaw, user at pusher lalo na sa tambo pook real st.

  4. Harry says:

    I am Filipino overseas worker but have a property illegally usurped/infested by huge dogs and their puppies. I would like to ask the expert help/advise of the PNP on how to correctly deal with the problem.

    We have given permission for a close relative to live in a small portion of our property for awhile hoping he’d care for an aging loved one, and now to my surprise on my return, I discovered he has usurped the entire property using dogs that he breeds in large numbers.
    This has indirectly led to the death of the loved one as it prevented the senior from leaving his room in effect illegally putting him in prison within his own room for years, depriving him of much needed fresh air, sunshine and daily walking exercises. The senior even contracted asthma from the dogs.

    Now that the loved one died, the property became practically useless except for himself because the dogs keep barking loudly all day long, pooping, peeing and puking everywhere.
    The relative refuses to listen to all kinds of diplomatic approach possibly because he believes he can continue clinging on to the whole property illegally using his squatter dogs to steal it.
    I would like to ask the expert advise of the Philippine National Police on how to properly deal with this issue.

    What I would like to happen is for all the dogs to be removed from our property forever so that I can have it fixed, sanitized and hopefully rented so that it could benefit human beings instead of dogs.

    Thank you in advance for all help. I really appreciate it. Kudos and more power to PNP .. Mabuhay

  5. Chapoy says:

    pwede poh bang makahingi ng police hotline number ng datumontawal police station?

  6. since until 10 pm nalang ang videoke sa bahayan,at bale wala ang ordinance n2 s ating mga barangay dahil hinde pinapansin ng mga taong mahilig sa inuman at karaoke eh madalas yung kalye isasara para dun sila magsi pwesto hanggang madaling araw.lalo dito s barangay abar 1st san jose city nueva ecija.sana lagyan ng mabigat n parusa yan at ng hinde pamarisan.nakakasama ng loob kahit magsumbong k s barangay walang aksyon.