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Email: psngayon@philstar.net.ph

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  1. Daniel Vadil, Jr says:

    Since na-establish ang PhilStar & PSNgayon, ay tinatangkilik ko na ang mga eto. Ngunit sa PSNfayon, matagal ko na rin pong napapansin ang napaka-raming grammatical errors sa maraming portions nito. kaya, bagamat retired na ako, omaalok ko ang aking proof-redling service.Nag-aral ko ng college & matagal na nagtrabaho sa Maynila. Kaya ala-Tagalog po ako. Kung pwede, maaari ninyo akong kontakin sa F/ B o sa aking cp-09277307314. tnk u po.

  2. Jerry says:

    I really Think its time that you guys do some puplic anoncment to all your brohters&sisters before you kill the phillippines !! Ok before turist &visitors even get out off the AirPort they are rip off .. Off pilipinos without no mannegers its discausting why do peopel ther come long Way from need to pay overprice ect for evrything .. Pilipinos dont like to be cheated self !!! I Can not get that mentality in to my head !!
    And why if a forginer Fall in love With a pilipino and they are doing good toghter why do the famaly& relatives need to rip off the forginer you have to rember most off this guys have worked the hole life to make a savings Wich most ohter contrys Can and pilipinos not can !!
    I really Think you guys shold step up in evrything its 2015 now and phillippines is like 1950 so far behind
    Some ohter contrys like South Korea , souht Afrika had change all the bad to good in good manners and give peopel somting to live fore you Can not get investorer to your contry Wen tings are as they are now that is for surre really its discausting how you do now !!