Central Post Office, Liwasang Bonifacio, Manila

PHILPOST Contact Number(s):

+632 527-8327 to 30, +632 527-0034 (Fax)


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  1. Maryjoymetzker says:

    Bakit hindi kayo matawagan months na yung box ng pinadala ng asawa ko sainyo till now wala padin bwiset

  2. jun says:

    Napakawalang kwenta tlaga tong philpost na to,, nagbayad aq ng mahal for 5 days pero 19 days na d pa dumating, tapos hindi pa sla sumasagot ng tawag.. bwisit tlaga!!!!

    • Reverend TD Marshall says:

      I realize that the people who post this site takes no responsibility for the stupidity that people do with your information.
      Since first posting information here my wife has received multiple calls by both people thinking her number is to the post office, and crooked opportunists trying to gain enough information about my wife so they can go to the post office and claim her packages posing as her.

      The people posting this site is in fact responsibe for all the misinformation misleading good people into thinking this site is a real site connected to the post office when in fact its just a site, with nothing to do with the post offices there in the Philippines.

      If you like my wife is looking for the real number to the Central post office of Caloocan its;
      Samson Road, Caloocan City, Metro Manila 1400
      I hope this will be helpful.
      Its at the city hall in Caloocan
      Do not leave information here, so your information can be targeted

      God bless you

  3. Pilar Panibio says:

    Ma’am /sir please do update naman po about sa package ko tracking # CH005477755US sabi it was received at the delivery office on December 12,2016,but until now hindi ko pa natanggap, galit na yong sender kasi it’s been over a month na po, please paki trace nman. Thanks pu

  4. Ulrich Sauer says:

    What a horrible experience with these guys. No delivery, no service, nothing. Tracking is worthless, telefone numbers are worthless. Waste of money.

  5. Jennifer Estorico says:

    Please update me with the status of my parcel It is almost 2 months now. I have not gotten any positive response whenever I follow up Please update me with the status Tracking Number: CP 300340002PH. Please note that parcel is dated Nov 7???

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