Central Post Office, Liwasang Bonifacio, Ermita, Manila

PHLPOST Contact Number(s):

+632 527-8327 to 30, +632 854-0291, +632 854-3580, +632 854-4613, +632 854-5467


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  1. Avegail S.Kabingue says:

    Good day, maam/sir ask ko lang po yung package ko po from korea until now wla pa po.. etonpo yung tracking number ES 258917471 at ES 258918242 salamat

  2. John Shaw says:

    Sir/maam , my 2 mails from U.S. sent april 20, 2019 first class mail airmail, and sent may 2 , 2019 priority mail until now did not received. sender U.S global mail 1321 upland drive , suite 2498 , houston 77043. we are the addresse John and Elizabeth Shaw purok 6, butuay , jimenez, misamis occidental mindanao. please check where they went. we reaaly need them , they are medication for my husband and me. thanks we are appreciated your help. John and Elizabeth Shaw

  3. Romerico c. Balog says:

    maam / sir kasi yong package ko naligaw daw napunta ng butuan po paano po nangyari yon tama ho naman ang address na inilagay ng nagpadala bakit po nagkaganoon mag 3mon now hindi kopa na tatanggap package ko..pls. lng po paano po maibabalik yon sa true address ..thanks po

  4. Romerico c Balog says:

    sir/maam pwede ho makuha contact number ng butuan post phil..thanks

  5. Alma mallonga says:

    Pwde po mkuha contact philpost ilagan city..thanks

  6. Annabel Robinson says:

    Hello, nawawala ang 3 boxes ko from Liliw, Laguna papuntang CA, USA. Binigyan ako ng maling Vessel information. I don’t know kung binabasa ba ng Phlpost ang mga messages kasi sa dami ng messages ko walang response.

  7. Kiexl says:

    Ask kung may psok manila post opisng saturday

  8. jenilyn says:

    can I have contatct number for post office tutuban branch po? thank u