Central Post Office, Liwasang Bonifacio, Ermita, Manila

PHLPOST Contact Number(s):

+632 527-8327 to 30, +632 854-0291, +632 854-3580, +632 854-4613, +632 854-5467


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  1. Isabelo Salubre II says:

    Hi maam follow up ko lang po kung kelan ma deliver ang sss u id id card ko..nag txt na kasi ang sss na na deliver na sa office ninyo.

  2. Madel Miranda says:

    Hi I am Madel Miranda. I would like to follow up the schedule of delivery of my Postal ID. I already paid for it on August 03, 2018 and was said that it will only take 3 weeks to arrive but until now it doesn’t deliver yet. I also sent my complain in your customer care email address in October 10 this year but no one answered yet until now.

    By the way, I would like to change the delivery address since I’d already change my workplace in the middle of September. From my former workplace, Zen Towers Bldg. 1111 Natividad A. Lopez St., Ermita, Manila; I’d like to deliver my ID to my current residency address, #358 Leandro Ibarra St., Tondo, Manila.

    It has been almost 3 months since I paid for my ID so I will be glad and will appreciate your good service if you seek attention and take a proper and quick action on my request.

    Thank you very much and my kindest regards.

  3. Ninia says:

    Good day! I’d like to check the status of my shipment with tracking number EF930922665JP it’s been 7 days since it last arrived at the delivery office. I haven’t received an sms or call. The online status is only until the 16th. Is it already in Cebu Post? When can it be delivered? I hope to get this resolved asap. It’s a very important document that needs to be submitted on the 26th. Thank you and God bless!