Marsman Building, Port Area, Manila

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+632 527-8356, +632 527-4856, +632 527-4853 (Telefax)


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  1. Oscar Pascual Rivero says:

    ICTSI-International Container Terminal Services is charging so much storage this days..especially when the container exceeded 10 days after Approval from customs.Believe this PPA memorandum they are implementing are thus memos around 2013 or 2014 where in the port suffers congestion..But still they are charging unimaginable amount of PHP 11,200.00 for 1×40 container.Please help to provide us some explanation if this PPA memorandum is still applicable.and if applicable..please provide us the copy..we will brought this matter with the office of the President and Commissioner of Customs office..Please be advise that storage are collected by ICTSI for THEMSELVES.. not for the government.

    Please help

  2. mary rose barot says:

    ang supershuttle ferry dito sa cdo-camiguin port,benoni port ay hindi maayos ang pagbebenta ng tickets. ang susunod daw na ferry ay 11am pero sinara ng teller ang window niya at nag stop selling ng tickets. ang problema dito,wala silang binigay na number sa mga nauna ng nakapila dito. ginagawa kaming tanga dito.paano yung mga bagong dating lang? magkakagulo pag nag open ulit siya. last oct 31 din isa lang ang teller sa bilangoan port 2hrs kami naghihtay sa pila. hindi dapat ganito ang palakad ng ferry na ito. oplan ayos undas pero hindi mmaayos ang sistema

  3. Celeste Bajamonde says:

    is there any way to contact you in cellphone?

  4. asdf says:

    Your website is down – as a concerned citizen. I cannot access your statistics and other vital information for research purposes. Your website has been inaccessible for 3weeks already.