Fort Bonifacio, Makati City

Philippine Army Contact Numbers:

+632 818-0877, +632 816-1162 (Fax)

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  1. Michelle bless carranza says:

    hi ask ko LNG po delayed ba any allotment ngyon

    • Michelle bless carranza says:

      delayed po ba and allotment ngyon

      • co/ armies this is Red fox : Mylene h. Lim 2017-american/westerntime+3stars&sun
        send money to the clinton’s
        – send regards to san juan’s
        Marcos Era
        We are , we are – …9765465…launch it

        co-armies= think about duterte’s time,tikas pahinga lang sabi ng presidente
        co-armies : it’s all about our country! Kung ayaw nila sa bansa yaan mo-
        – P.S. ang army sa america (Pilipino) ay nagkakaroon ng tagas!
        Kalat pa rin ang HIV at aids ingat
        – dahandahan lang sa paginmom ng gamot
        – iwasan niyo ang maoperahan,hanggat maari,natural living at natural foods,no chemicals- ARMIES- i think 9/11 coming was a fake, how could the box plane
        hit the glass: buhay pa si bin laden,nanganganib ang buhay ni joma sison
        There is still war on iraq, my concern-pull out an army
        – America just bomb mexico-
        Dont jail me for this letter, i am your brother /code : bin laden is an allie of america
        Pres. Duterte, jail the chemist who makes illegal drugs, jail the abortionists
        – Be patient with war freaks,Army holds, as much as possible free not kill
        army intelligence: discern, make godly army equipment.That’s all!

        from Mylene h Lim- Red fox sending dial tone, army cargament
        We don’t need war, we need freedom and conscientious living,
        Rule of war: This is just one life: surrender your knowledge to our earth.
        i rebuke that blindness armies i rebuke it! It’s not about religion or trusting jesus!
        It’s about understanding, patience,brotherhood and truth,unless we don’t
        have it, there will never be Philippines?
        from: Mylene h. Lim -red fox 2000’s President’s militant.Amen.

    • 2017 = No Ordinary Time 3 – stars in the sun

      To the head Army,

      Well it’s too late to return in the true spot!The cammaradiry demands bearance. The
      obedience! Everything is a gamble. The predispose argument still hunts! It’s been a recluse
      to protect our people! Wether we like or not, we must ask the presence of God in every
      Let the count of holiness mould us as armies of God! Today, our source of hope is
      the (faith of our president)! To be consecrated. There is no real war except if we let death
      control us! As your comrade soldiers, I am praying for your soul to accept christ to be your
      Lord and Savior. That is what I discerned in our cammaradiry of the president!
      Think about this, every denial of christ’s blood is place in the hell’s fire of our soul!
      Comrades, listen to me! This is not a game, we are fighting for the kingdom of God!
      Our president is now saved! He accepted the Lord! He is now a born again christian!
      For those who will really prove christ’s cross, thankyou comrades! Don’t be scared!
      Maybe you don’t feel it but you are really saved! Remember Satan is to steal, kill,
      and destroy! Let the Holy spirit control you! Worship Him in spirit and truth! Many have
      crossed that river before! Army fathers please save the soul of your family, through
      Jesus Christ! He will never leave us nor forsake us! Our duty is to save souls in war!
      Create disciples! Jesus is counting on the president and the armies! Pray at all times!
      Be submissive to your wives! The enemy roars like a roaring lion looking to devour!
      If you got this message & receive christ; (welcome to the family) read NIV bible!
      This is my love letter to the president and my co-armies.
      P.S. this letter is garbled, please analyze!

      Lee Lim, Philippine Flag

      • Army book publishers, this is a message=

        2017Duterte.Bathala Flag

        > Amuleta ni Dr. Jose Rizal

        > Fairytale ng Pilipinas

        > Bundok Apo

        > Ang Mystery ni Lolo Ingkong

        > Ang Pananakop sa Baralila

        = Airfox

  2. Charish Sharief says:

    Hi po. Ask ko lang po if may kilala po ba kayong Ammer Sta. Ana Sharief? Father ko po kasi sya. Matagal ko na po syang hinahanap almost 18 years na. Nasa Philippine Army po sya. Paki contact naman po ako if ever na may kakilala po kayo. this is my number 846-8947 or email me at thanks po.

  3. saudimar barri says:

    can hard of hearing allowed to join phil army plss give me a feedback thank you

    • Lee Lim says:

      Codes and work places:partridges 2017- Lim Family- contribution as a Filipino citizen

      – ito and mga hindi pa ginagawa o bagong diwa+

      – Sticker stamps
      – water in can
      – fruit juices in plastic jug

      – Different and new texture of cakes
      – new temperature of fire cooking

      – New hardware for cooking
      – New stereo of camera picture
      – new food oil mixture
      – New planting system(cropping)
      – New sports allowance
      – New army system and beliefs(commands and movements)
      – New architecture of houses
      – New airforce(air atmosphere)

      – New Filipino time
      – KKK law
      – New Land Circumference
      – = itong mga sinulat ko ay mga bagay na pwedeng isakatuparan o bagong
      riyalidad ng aktividades o pambansang kalakal-

      Salamat! Mabuhay and lupang Malaya!
      Lee Lim-Dial Tone=Filipino

  4. hindi po ako naka withdraw kanina kasi daw po naka hold daw po sa afp ang account ko please paano ba ito?anu po ba gagawin ko?

  5. Lee h. Lim says:

    Run the Race! February 27,2015

    We go tired in this life! Life’s obstacles lead us to baggage.
    We are to rescue delays and problems often make us weary!
    Today let us stand in faith that our labor has significance! God called us
    for a higher purpose! We must not loose hope!
    I am surely convicted that our Lord will bless those who labor for his
    plans and purpose! The race he has instilled for each and every one of us must have
    been difficult but the prize is worth awaiting! So let us be enthusiastic and
    joyful in these walks we have!
    Bro. Lee – a cost for christ

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