Fort Bonifacio, Makati City

Philippine Army Contact Numbers:

+632 818-0877, +632 816-1162 (Fax)

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  1. Lee h. Lim says:

    January 2015, 29
    As a soldier we are committed too to christ!>

    We rule in all equality in this profession! We sacrifice for others!
    We teach and give gifts to the substancial! We are expected to lead and set
    living examples! We have a leader to obey and justify in all perrogatives
    and recursions!
    But there is a command we are chained in doing. It is our commitment to the Lord Most high!
    We are committed to do his will even in our work being a soldier! We wear an attire of christ to save souls in every way! We have an obligation to preach in this small opportunity called to us as an army! We are given a special favor to set, cultivate and restore and bring a harvest to the lord as much as we can! We are not soldiers only for the world but of God’s!
    It’s a promise to comprehend and pay respect of the duty allowed for such a time that we
    must be committed!
    Bro. Lee;- a cost for christ

  2. lordian santos says:

    namatay po papa q na retired army,, 2rd IB,,,panu po mgprocess ng claims

  3. a comment by Filipino!

    signed by: Lee Warren h. Lim
    code by: eLee of slowstart

  4. Dear Airforce,

    The documents about those messages in Army comment page was punched by Lee Lim, but in the scope of Ronaldo H. Lim! He was the one responsible for the draw and marketing! If you hear this message , give an account to him! I am just a student progressively working for the govt. With no bias and fully pledge Ronaldo H. Lim is my uncle living in Las Pinas around their subdivision or house village! Just for a proof of the heresy and legal compliment! That is the up grant and restitution! If you asked , I am Lee Warren H. Lim his nephew of the third generations of Lim. Or either i submit it to Princian P. Lim my cousin, his son! For the record, thank you!
    Another thing to prove this documents and iterinaries call me 213-568-3242 intnl. local number USA L.A. California. Local time. Congratulations and God bless! This is not a tripped, I wanna serve the country!

  5. ariene jade bolanon says:

    i want join the arm forces of the philippine but im not finish my study because financial problem but i have a nc 2 certificate of automotive servicing nc 2

    • strongholds of the president-

      word of God=>

      Blessings and long life to all filipinos!Amen!
      Pinoy man o banyaga ay mahal ng diyos. Ang tunay na diyos!
      Kung iisipin, ang pera ay parang diyos subalit ay nakakaloko!
      Sa huling buhay, Diyos at ikaw ang magiisa,Amen!

      Panginoon dalangin ko ay makita namin ang iyong utos at
      kapangyarihan para sa aming bayan,Amen!
      – sniper=Lee Lim-dial tone

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