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98 Responses to PEOPLE’S JOURNAL

  1. jayne says:

    Do you have an employee in the name of JUN VALDEZ? He called me today and has threatened me that my name will be published soon in your newspaper because somebody, Atty. LORENZO TAN paid for an ad against me of an existing case? He also gave us your office number (02) 433 2532 local 4338 (Verification Dept.). He said I have to call Atty. Tan to request for an Affidavit of Refusal. Upon checking your website said number is not existing. I will be reporting this to NBI & CIDG that People’s Journal has threatened me. Thank you and I’ll be waiting for your reply if this person JUN VALDEZ is connected with your company.

  2. Laarni kate says:

    Good Day!,

    I would like to inquire if People’s Journal has an employee named Martin Sanchez? We have just received a call from this said person using your company’s name. Kindly get back at us as we are also concerned that your name is being used by this person.

    Thank you.

  3. J-R says:

    Good day People’s Journal. I was called by our HR Department and they received a call from ATTY. JOSE MENDOZA from People’s Journal. Ang sabi ipapublish daw ang name ko together with the company’s name which i worked with. I have a criminal complain DAW file against with me and I need to call 294-7709 and look for MR. NOEL VILLANUEVA. I need to confirm if these persons are belong to your office? They are threatening us here, at medyo nakakahiya po sa HR namin… Please help. Thanks po…

  4. eds says:

    Just would like to confirm if you have employee named Henry Ignacio with telephone number 294-7709. He called us to confirm a certain data before posting to your advertisement on Friday March 18 as requested by a lawyer. However the data he had was not true and incorrect but still he will continue to publish because it has already been paid by said laywer.
    Ganon ba talaga…kahit di totoo ang mga information magpapublish pa rin kayo.

    If its not true i am worried baka ginagamit lang ang peoples journal ni Mr. Henry Ignacio…

    • J-R says:

      Hello Eds, the same po nangyari sakin today lng tlga… they publish my name plus the company name because of complain file against with me. March 18 din ang publishing in 3 consecutive Fridays. The same number din binigay sakin and look for Mr. NOEL VILLANUEVA…

      • eds says:

        Hi JR.. i think we have the same issues.These people are very unprofessional na sila pa ang galit at matapang pag kausap mo. I think they are just using the peoples journal. Di na kasi nila makausap yong hinahanap nila kaya ginagamit nila ang employer na wala namang kasalanan. I think they are collecting agent na despirado na.

        To the management of peoples journal kindly check Mr. Henry Ignacio or Mr. Noel Villanueva at tel. No. 294-7709. (eto yong name at number na ginamit nya) He is claiming that he is an employee of Peoples Journal.

        • enelrad says:

          Hi do u have an employee named Jeremiah Alegre? same situation with others, called the HR and said somebody paid for the posting of my name and picture. Is is true? pls help. Thanks

  5. Jerry MAe says:

    Hi, I would like to inquire if you have an employee Mr. Agustos Villanueva, Editor in Chief daw? thank you!

  6. monch says:

    a person named Shiela Madrigal called me informing me that I have a pending case to be published in your newspaper (People’s Journal), she is threatening me, I called up you HR Department to confirm the said threat. Ms. carol of HR Department told me that Ms. Shiela Madrigal is not connected to their company. She is just using the name People’s Journal. The said person is definitely connected to Home Credit cause the case that eventually said to be filed against me is from their company. You (Home Credit) just master the art of harassment. Sana po may magawa kayo (People’s Journal) regarding this matter, they are using your firm just to HARASS people. I appreciate Ms. Carol for giving me information about such Scam.

  7. Gina tan says:

    Its a scam! May bago silang modus. Taga camp bagong diwa daw si col. Evangelista naman dw sya. Same line of talking na may kaso tapos bigyan ka num tapos kesyo areglo daw you’ll pay them para mawala na ang kaso. They get our info from credit card applications. Please be careful

  8. Richard says:

    I just would like to ask if you have an employee named Alvin Villanueva – Editor-In-Chief? Someone has called my attention and told the school I’m working that I have a pending case.-which is not true and totally destroys my reputation as a teacher. I’m looking forward that this would be addressed properly.

    Thank you!

  9. Maricel says:

    Hello peoples journal!i would like to ask if you have employee named benita penirife?tawagan ko daw xa sa #2947709 kc may case daw ako kahit wla nmn.i know its scam but then nkaka perwisyo prin.sana po ma actionan kc bka may mabbiktima cla or bka may nabiktima na nito.hindi kc tama na manloko cla ng iba pra sa pansarili nila.napakaaga may pumunta sakin at nangisturbo dahl jan.this is ********

    • Annah says:

      Experience the say just an hour ago. May tumawag sakin Charisse De Leon from People’s Journal daw sya and may tumawag daw sa kanya na Atty Fredriko Pamaos na may case daw ako at iddrag pa name ng company ko. Nung tinanong ako anong case hndi nya ako sinagot basta ang sabi need ko daw tumawag. then magrequest daw ako ng referal for refusal. Yung number ni Charisse De Leon 294-77-09. Need feedback asap. Kung scam to naddrag yung pangalan ng peoples journal regarding this.

  10. Cianette says:

    I would just like to inquire if People’s Journal has an employee named Mr. Villanueva (Chief Editor). We have just received a call from this said person using your company’s name and cp num 09293299093. Kindly get back at us as we are also concerned that your name is being used by unscrupulous beings. Thanks

  11. belle says:

    hi! i would like to inquire if you have an employee name charisse de leon-editor in chief, i received a text message from peoples journal that my name will be publish in your news paper, is this true?

  12. kate says:

    Hi good pm po, may empleyado po ba kayo name si Ms Sophia Marquez .. taga peoples journal po sya. tumawag sa akin kay may i post daw sya sa akin tel#024253966- artcle 354 -presumption of malice natakot ako . para mahold daw tawagan ko si atty fredirico sa tel.# 02 4351721… hingi daw ako ng REQUEST OF REFUSAL .. Pls paki confirm po..

  13. Henry says:

    My officemate almost same info too.

    Kung may oras lang para i report sa authorities, they can trace kung kanino na ka register yong landline number thru telephone companies, and to catch yung person tawagan lang then trace via GPS.

    or if they ask for payment, trace if deposited to a specific bank account. Who opened the account.

  14. analyn says:

    someday also called me from sss benefits department daw may discrepancy daw ako sa benefits

  15. jhel says:

    Hello, I would just like to inquire if you have an employee named Katrina Reyes? We have just received a call from this person using your company’s name. She is telling issues regarding my grandpa or my uncle. Not even specified if its the junior or senior. And even used my nickname as the full name that she know.

    Thank you