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94 Responses to PEOPLE’S JOURNAL

  1. Mary Rose B. Anggo says:

    I would like to inquire if you have an editor in chief named Mr Augusto Villanueva? A number coming from your company regarding negative publicity about me..I just received a text message just now.I tried to call the number but the signal is not good..Please let me know about this through my email.

  2. flordeliza bala says:

    good evening. Do you have publishing center nearby cubao quezon city

  3. beth cuento says:

    Good morning. Do you have an employee named Arjay Sta. Ana from the Publications department? Thank you.

  4. Elelle says:

    I have the same phone call today saying that he is noel villanueva of people’s journal with telephone number 4343931. And that he has this draft write up regarding me in violation of RA something. And that a certain Atty. Punzalan paid him to publish my name in your magazine. People’s journal, are you aware of this person, NOEL VILLANUEVA and ATTY. PUNZALAN???? Scam nga po ba ito??? I would appreciate your fast response and thank you.

  5. enelrad says:

    Hi do u have an employee named Jeremiah Alegre? same situation with others, called the HR and said somebody paid for the posting of my name and picture. Is is true? pls help. Thanks

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