G/F Pag-IBIG Fund-WT Corporate Tower, Mindanao Ave., Cebu Business Park, Cebu City

Pag-Ibig Contact Number(s):

+6332 415-5002
Email Address:

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  1. victor lim says:

    nobody is answering the phone can you give other number. for us to clear all our transaction that we had made payment to our company “Maviche Hauling Services”
    thank you

  2. evelyn cabaleda jamo says:

    yes right your number is not working ,how to follow ?pls give me other #

  3. Alex Tanilon Villarta says:

    gudam. I am retired MSgt Alex Villarta from the Philippine Army, how it’s true that we have available money to be claimed as a Provident Fund? Pls give us the required documents for said claims and how much the amount on my side?

  4. Allen Arreglo says:

    your land line number is not working..

    I waited for the releasing of my loan Since June 22.
    now is August 2,2017.
    how can we follow up through land line.

    if you will not find way to fix this ill be force to report this to our Pres. Duterte in their contact no. 888.

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