G/F Pag-IBIG Fund-WT Corporate Tower, Mindanao Ave., Cebu Business Park, Cebu City

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+6332 415-5002
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17 Responses to PAG-IBIG FUND – CEBU AYALA

  1. Analee Diano says:

    my son renting the house through pag-ibig for long almost 10 years now, but my son like to aquiere that house and he even went to ur office coz they said have to auction that last year 2017. My question was when are u going to auction that house . The address is 392 Hueva Street , Villa del
    Rio Bacayan. Thank u.

  2. IRENE BELMES says:

    hi. good afternoon. I sent an email today.. can you please check it out coz the deadline will be on 16. we highly need your computation.

    Thank you.