Budgetlane Shopping Center, Circumferrential Road, Barangay San Jose, Antipolo City

Pag-Ibig Contact Number(s):

+632 422-3000, +632 696-6046, +632 696-6055


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35 Responses to PAG-IBIG FUND – ANTIPOLO

  1. Roselle E. Sumpay says:

    Hi, yesterday I called your branch after an hour of dialing finally I was picked up, a guy from the other line (whom I didn’t get his name unfortunately) kept on telling me that my loan is on process without asking my name or MID# or any details yet, how come he can tell me that it’s on process without getting the details, sooooo annoying…..but then I insisted on giving my details and checking what’s really the status I was put on hold after numerous asking of soo many details repeatedly and finally the guy again told me that my application is not yet with them and was advised to check with MetroEast. So, this morning we checked with Metroeast and was advised that my application was forwarded to antipolo branch since May 23, 2018 thru Cess Garcia and was received by Raiza Encina. Now, can someone tell me who is telling the thruth, where is the gap here??????? are my docs/app lost or not??????

    I am so furious right now because It is so hard in getting signatures from our company since most of the signatories are always out of the country for various trainings so in case that it is lost I have wasted sooo much time and effort.

    As of this time, I let someone on my behalf go to your branch to checked my application and hopefully by then we can get CLARITY on this. Why is it getting lost? Can you revisit the procedures because as I have read there are various members already complaining with same experience with what I am getting.

    Btw, this is just a renewal so I am expecting that this won’t take long as with my previous applications in Makati branch it’s smooth in less that a week I already got my loan. It’s just so happen that I am on medical leave that’s why I opted to file this nearby our house but unfortunately this happens…..I don’t want to compare but I can’t help to compare why is it that makati branch can be as efficient as expected why can’t it be done in your branch? What’s the difference? You are still both in the same umbrella, one company……so what’s happening antipolo branch??????????

  2. Larry Oliver says:

    Puede po dyan mgbayad ng housing loan amortization?

  3. Romnick B Navera says:

    One week na po ang loan ko wala pang txt or info kung ok na wala naman nabigay na contact sakin para mag update