Villamor Airbase, Pasay City

PAF Contact Numbers:

+632 845-9555, +632 854-6720, +632 854-6732

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  1. Those message are sedulas!:
    sent by lee-a katipunero, a KKK – batang katipunero-.2018
    madrigal clan/bisayas.amen

  2. Devotion since being a christian warrior:address to the army! 2018Philippine flag

    This 2018 being aFilipino is a test!But, more to bother is the mind giving in love!
    Not all the time you are strong! The desire of the lord is to do his will! In any bracket or uniform in living, we have to make a choice to be good and sacrificial!
    Only the lord can judge the matters of the heart! Don’t wrestle to bent upon a loss!
    There is no excuse in the presence of God! This new year let us start in the beginnings of God!
    The source is God! Be faithful and courageous of yourself proving the worthiness in Him!
    We are battling not of this world but to won a life and soul for God!

    – Amen.

  3. lee h. Lim says:

    Filipino food:Bedista work
    : contribution of san bead since Philippines by Lee lim(bedan) of san beda manila
    New Recipes and Invention
    – tuna pie
    -karne-norte pie
    – chocolate pie
    – sweet-paste cheese pie
    -= ovaltine milk powder drink
    = lumpia balls
    -skyflakes chichirya(junk food)
    -chinese lumpia(pork)
    -Juan delacruz(burger & fries) -sandwhich store
    -sweet sampaloc with salt
    =hepatitis vitamin-c
    -Estrogen bay food(milk powder)
    – Red Lights sports car
    -Puzzle sticks(puzzle toy)
    -condor motorcycle
    -automobile crane vehicle machines(auto-type)
    – sesame noodles(cracker & pasta) ,cheese flavor lasagna
    -calderata flavor lasagna
    nacho flavor lasagna
    – meat & coleslaw-appetizer
    -picture notebook
    –notebook for stickers
    – aqua marine toys
    -shrimp w/ cheese burger(sandwich)
    – suman and chocolate
    -pancake(coffee flavor)
    -sci-fi Filipino movies
    – Alien Filipino0 movies
    -jello and nuts(gelatin and nuts)

    – new water sports
    -Pinoy olympics-new sports rally
    -sweater socks
    -sun-dial watches
    -gasoline lamp bulb lampshade
    -plastic tetrapak-new containers
    -carton foam mixes-new container
    -salami,cheese chorizo pizza
    -chinese style pizza

    Phil. Army cargament
    lee lim of san beda manila:>
    = our contribution

    =ice cream cake
    -Army food cookies
    -steel whistle pipe
    =Army breakfast pancakes
    =whistle bomb
    -0Army meat& rice dinners
    =digital boxed bomb
    -Army food desserts
    -water laced bombs
    -Army daily beverages
    -water text bullet proof body wear armory
    – army clock
    = army night snack
    = Emergency gun wound syringe medication
    -Army telescope
    -Public police paratrooper vehicle
    – Mission’s sniper camera-for recording san beda -lee lim
    – 2-pad jet air-force
    airfore jungle sniper equipment
    -Air cargo missions(cargo plane)
    – Phil. emergency plane
    = Phil. Disaster plane
    -Phil. Orbituary plane
    -laser based plane
    -Monitoring plane via radar
    -sniper plane
    = Air PSG-plane escort= escort plane of Philippine Air force 1

    = fire lock jet planes
    -Auto set off-emergency lift
    – Air stems
    – plane Air shield
    – air emergency fire coding
    = air system’s breaker

    O-PMA top gun by lee lim of San Beda Manila

    – Jet sniper=pilot sniper
    = City sniper- sniper in a city
    -Word processee= expert in explaining meaning
    – Science scientist= a scientist that handles science
    -Future Navigator
    =person who sees or visions the future
    – =food technologist
    – Pastor >chosen by god to baptize souls
    – brain expert- physical, counsels brain’s negative fusion
    – christians teacher=teaches/human training
    -Relations officer=expert in talkings
    – Draw Architect- specializes in computing basic box and detail architecture
    – Doctor- chosen by God to heal the dead and dying

    – coming from A Bedan:Lee Lim,San Beda College>manila- That in all things God maybe glorified! Sir, Malakas kayo sa amin!Lee Lim(cub)

  4. Phil. Flag: 2017 dec.
    =dial tone
    – Lee Lim

    – Cobra
    – Iron Fist
    – chevrollet
    – The dragon
    – I.N.R.I.
    – Scepter
    – Iron
    – tripple- x
    – Mirrage
    – CODE

    – sports Helicopters

    – I want you to visualize this code and create the meaning of this codes seen in
    the reality of the said helicopters. Thankyou, in the name of president. Rodrigo Duterte+
    – truly yours :- Airfox
    – passing this to Military school-/-. Philippine Military Academy,camp John Hay
    give it to a Marine chancellor or a sniper! Thankyou! any time sir, any time-!-

    -> For the sake of the son of juan delaCruz1981-2017

  5. Sir Airforce and Philippine Commerce :

    – those are monastic works
    – this is Lee Lim of San Beda 1997
    Thankyou & god bless= That In All Things God May Be Glorified,ora et labora
    code : dead hungry

  6. lee lim says:

    2017 citizen’s contribution-under President. Duterte’s term

    – New Age game boards- Philippines-games for kids and adults=
    – espiritista
    – manghuhula
    – ang bayan?
    – KKK
    – Pintados
    – Multo
    – Ang Paglalayag ni GAT Jose Rizal
    – Pirata
    – Ang Simbolo
    – Babaeng Mahiwaga
    – Bulking Mayon
    – 1941
    – Unang Pagsibol
    – Letratista
    – Pagsakop
    – etc.
    – nais kong maipicture niyo and titulo ng laro sa
    kahulugang lark na game board. Ang disenyo
    ay nakaukol sa kahulugan ng salita! Kung ano ang
    big sabihin ay fun din and sanaysay. Salamat!

    – Mga laruang pinoy
    – Rubber puzzle-lubid na puzzle
    – Picture draw- drawing na panghuhula
    – Castle to castle-concept of war in kingdoms-like games of the general
    – etc.
    – spy game
    – hunting treasure
    – the haunted-ghost hunting
    – Anting-anting
    – The preacher’s cross
    – Saving the president
    by Lee Lim 2017 pres. Duterte


  8. Jesus Christopher cadabuna says:

    Sir/ma’am gusto ko LNG po malaman yun things na dadalhin for exam

  9. Alexandra Kintanar says:

    I am from Cebu, I am contacting you in behalf of my son who submitted his filled up application form with attached requirements to PAF Mactan Benito Ebuen Airbase, Lapulapu City, Cebu. The original schedule of entrance exam. was on Sept. 9, 2017 but it was postponed without a definite date. I called today, the PAF Ebuen base but the telephone was busy, called there more than 10x this morning. So, I came across this website, let me ask what is the new schedule for entrance exams, particularly in Cebu? Thank you

  10. Mary christine fidel says:

    Good pm po gusto ko sana hingi ng advice abt our documents in your office

  11. Angela Arden says:

    Hi. am trying to find out information about my Grandfather Lt. Andrew C. Douglas who was in the Air Force back probably in the 50s. Can you help with any history/info? Thank you,

  12. warren Pants says:

    please accommodate my aircraft fighter planes rerun routined outer layered infrastructure
    as it is this is my wildest guess: strike v gas engine
    water stuff oxygenated water cell drug gas
    box type air support gas
    booth Subs
    structure fast engine type water shoulder hold
    fast lane leather engine basket caste holder
    by army equipment no id.own referral 013202duterte’s stronghold spiritual side

  13. Dassyl f. Ibarra says:

    Contact this number 09107997922. Thank u

  14. Dassyl f. Ibarra says:

    Please email me

  15. Dassyl f. Ibarra says:

    Hello. Sir Good pm. Pwdi po humingi ng tulong namatay kc ung mother in law KO. Pedi po bang maisakay ung kabaong nya.please Mr. Maawa po kayo.