BIR Road, East Triangle, Diliman, Quezon City

NTC Contact Number(s):

+632 924-4042, +632 924-4048, +632 921-7128 (Telefax)

NTC Website Complaint Page:

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  1. 09971964284 says:

    Someone’ s calling my old number which happened being used by my daughter a 12 yr old gril, and he is pretending as a friend of mine, he’s asking my daughter about my families whereabouts, then when I confronted him over a phone he tell my husband that we’ve been friends a year ago in tacloban and Bacolod, even though I’m didn’t been there even once, and then I ask him what is my name he can’t even tell, then he used calling me every now and then, I felt stressed keep telling him not to call me here the number 09650410616

  2. Charity Roca says:

    Good eve! I would like to complain these cel #s nam bibiktima po cla n kunwari ibalik ko raw yong load na namali nyang naload nya sa akin. Eto po #s paki block agad kasi mga scammers po cla 09464587858 & 09354032384