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  1. Germanalex P. Hilario says:

    Dear Sir, request be informed that there is a radio station ( habagatradio 101.1) are broadcasting live at Carmen, Surigao del Sur without having applying for NTC license. This radio station started last September 2016 even without license procured from the NTC. I am Germanalex P. Hilario, a residence of Cantilan, Surigao del Sur, a member of the Moral Advancement Corruption and Prevention Advocacy (MACPA) which our duty is to maintain peace and order, report and monitor all illegal activities and corruption in the government, protection of our natural resources and support the government on poverty alleviation and moral. Since I monitored this radio station it was found out that until today there is no license to operate procured from NTC. Please verify and check if this radio station has already apllied for license for broadcasting. And at the same time this radio station is on live streaming at the internet ( and respectively. I found out also that this radio station is considered illegally broadcasting here in our place. Now, these is the question? Can a radio station operate without the availability of NTC License?

  2. Germanalex P. Hilario says:

    Dear Sir, Request be informed that there is a radio station in Carmen, Surigao del Sur are now broadcasting without any license coming from the NTC. It started last September and until still operating. I observed that until now said FM radio station has no license as it is required by the NTC it can only operate when there is already license procured. The name of this station is HABAGAT RADIO 101.1 FM STATION. Please verify and check if this radio station has already a license. Thank you, concerned cit

  3. venus iglesias says:

    Gooday po.sir/maam ako po ay taga boracay.gusto ko po ipabock ang cp ko po na nawala ngayon pong araw oct 4, j5. 352700075014844 yan po ang IMIE nya po.paki inform lang po ako if ever na mabasa nyo po ang post ko.ito po number ko na pwde nyo matxt if ever na recieved nyo po.salamat po.

  4. rolex gatan says:

    gud day to all mam/sir. I would like to block my samsung j200GU 8gb color black IMEI NO:354741072855217 my phone was lost on oct 1, 2016 at pansiteria cabagan isabela at 8 pm with simcard nr 09061621215. This is my contact cp nr 09291664057 pls help me mam/sir

  5. carlo fabionar says:

    my name is carlo fabionar from caloocan city ung cellphone q po ninakaw pls gsto q po i block sa madaling panahon my meih 352069080103103 my no 09073341908

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