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+632 713-7074,+ 632 715-6502, +632 713-7073 (Fax)

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  1. Dale-Adorlito S. Quiroz says:

    Ang Pangalan kupo ay Dale-Adorlito Santiago Quiroz, Pinanganak po ko nung sept.15, 1970 s San Juan Rizal n MM na po now.ano po ang magandang gawin? Wl po kc kung NSO BC.Meron po kung BC na issue ng San juan Local Civil Registrar pero wl po akong record s NSO region 3.sabi po nila bk nung pinanganak daw po ako bk hindi daw po naiforward s NSO Main s QC ng San Juan LCR yung BC ky wl daw po akong Record s po matulungan nyo ako.Maraming Salamat po

  2. Dale-Adorlito S. Quiroz says:

    Tanong ko lng po kung anong dpt kung gawin kasi wl po akong NSO bC, Wl po akong record s NSO region 3.pinanganak po kc ako s San BC po ako na issue ng San Juan LCR.sabi po s regional office nyo s Pampanga.bk di di daw Po naiforward ng LCR ng San Juan s NSO main office s QC yung BC Ko ky wl daw po akong Record s NSO.ang full name ko po is DALE -ADORLITO SANTIAGO QUIROZ.47 y.o.ano po magandang gawin? Salamat pdada

  3. GINA says:

    Dear NSO OFFICE,

    We hope to received precious your response.
    How to correct the error in gender?And what is the fatest way?

    Thank you.

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