BAI Compound Visayas Avenue, Quezon City

NMIS Contact Numbers:

+632 924-3118, +632 924-7973 (Fax)

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  1. PJ says:

    Hi! Good day!! I’m Mr. Pj of Batangas. I’m actually assigned to look for information that indicates the standard cost/ estimated cost of constructing a slaughterhouse by linear meter, detail required by NMIS. If happens that your good office have a copy of detail standard cost of constructing slaughterhouse, may I request of it. I hope that you might help me. Thank you and God bless!!!

  2. marlyn esponilla says:

    gsto ko mgtayo ng maliit na slaughter house ano mga steps na dapay kong sundin? may mga alaga kasi akomg baboy na ako din ang mag katay para maging legal ang lahat.sana masagot ang mga question ko thru my email add.tnx