NDRRMC Contact Number(s):

Trunkline: +632 911-5061 to 64; Hotlines: +632 912-2665, +632 912-5947, +632 912-5668, +632 911-1406

NDRRMC Website:

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  1. Good day, NDRRMC!

    I am a graduating architecture student from Bulacan State University. I would like to propose a Disaster and Emergency Response Complex focusing on coastal provinces in the Philippines since they are the most disaster prone area in our country. I would just like to ask is it recommended or needed to have it provincial like what I want to propose and study in my undergraduate thesis. Any assistance and information are highly appreciated. Thank you so much!

  2. Imelda T. Esguerra says:

    Gud pm. I am Imelda T. Esguerra, a doctor of philosophy major in mathematics’ student at philippine college of health ,Sciences and currently conducting my dissertation entitled “Predictor of Damages of Tropical Cyclone: A Mathematical Model. I will just ask if i can request for an appointment to have a talk with you to discuss and also request for datas/information of damages incurred of Tropical cyclone from 2010 – 2015. A positive response for this request is highly appreciated.

  3. Kiara Mae Riano says:

    Good day! I am a student from Philippine School of Business Administration Quezon City and we would like to conduct an interview regarding with the preparedness and updates about what we call “The Big One”. I really hope that the agency would allow us to have an interview for it is really a big help for our studies also, if it’s okay that our group will come this friday July 10, 2015 before your office hours end for the survey. Thank you very much! I really hope that we will get a response from you Thanks a lot! God bless and more power to NDRRMC.

  4. Jenny Leoy says:

    Dear Ma’am/Sir,

    I Am Jenny Leoy studying Business Administration Degree with Financial Management from New Era University.

    I just asked you some question for our project in Political Science. this are the following question.

    1. What is a level of efficiency in the performance of your mandated?(In the scale of 10) (1 is the highest, 10 is the lowest)
    2. What do you think are obstacles or hindrances during on the actual implementation of your programs?
    3. What are those things that urgently need in order to improve your index performance?
    4. Do you expects help from people especially students like us?
    5. In your personal judgment, what is the greatest accomplishment in the agencies not provided in your website?

    I appeal to your kind consideration on my request. I can be contacted at for any clarification.

    I await your kind response.

    Thank you.


    I am an employee at PVAO and our Administrator, Lt Genm Ernesto G. Carolina is requesting a list of provinces or areas that were actually affected by typhoon “Yolanda” in order for us to assist them with regards to their needs and services available for them.

    Hoping for your immediate response.Thank you and more power

  6. Karen Joy Candido says:

    I am looking for my family located at Quindaponan Eastern Samar – Samuel, Alita, Alisa, Samuel Abaro at Jay Candido…san mga relocation sites na pwedeng puntahan near that area? Please contact me at 09184291093 or 09228128318. Salamat

  7. Jelex Lamberte says:

    May I ask for a favor pls. assist my mother, sister-in-law, niece, aunts and their children (8 person) to board on any means of transportation going to Manila, as they still struggle at Tacloban airport, 5 females (3 senior citizens & 2 in the 30’s and 3 children) – Lamberte Family, Ang Family, Thank you very much….

  8. denmark says:

    is there a boat going to ormoc from cebu? thank you

  9. Vanessa M. Herminigildo says:

    hello blessed day, NDRRMC Leyte i just want to know the list of survivor of typhoon yolanda to find my parents brother and my relatives in Naval Leyte, as of now still they are not contacted hopefully i have news from them…Thank you so much

  10. Vanessa M. Herminigildo says:

    hello Blessed day,NDRRMC of Leyte i just want to know the list of survivor of typhoon yolanda to find my parents brother and my relatives as of now still we have no news about them…thank u

  11. Ria Karla Montinola says:

    May we ask for the LEYTE NDRRMC number one of our family members can no longer be contacted we wanted to have the number of NDRRMC Ormoc Leyte. thanks your response is greatly appreceiated

  12. Meg Quintano says:

    Good day just want to ask about the area in Bgy. Sta. Cruz, Sta, Maria, Bulacan, hangang saan po ang apektado ng Bagyong Ondoy at Habagat, Salamat po.